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Quiche Lorraine Recipes

A French classic, Quiche Lorraine is popular, delicious and enjoyed by food lovers the world over.

Preparing a gourmet Quiche Lorraine in your own kitchen is a straightforward process that any home cook can perform with ease.

Many French cheeses are perfect for making quiche Lorraine. Bacon and Brie, for example, make a fabulously delicious combination and in a quiche lorraine, offer an easy and gourmet start to the day.

Try making one of our quiche recipes on a weekend morning when there's ample time to savor the flavors.

3 Simple Quiche Lorraine Tips:

1. Premade pie shells work well, just be sure to cut or pinch the height to the right size to accommodate the amount of filling you plan to use.

2. A ratio of about 3 eggs for every cup 1 cup of dairy is about right if you'd like to customize a recipe for a certain amount of ingredients.

3. The quiche is done cooking when it slightly wobbles when shaken. If it doesn't move at all it's overcooked and won't be as silky. Another way to tell when it's done correctly is to insert a knife into it – the knife should cut through the filling without getting smudged.