Another specialty cheese delight by Rambol is Rambol Fumé ® (Smoked Rambol), which is a creamy, textured cheese crafted in the French Alps near the lake of Annecy, a region known for its world famous mountain cheeses like Raclette or Emmental. Rambol Fumé is a superb processed cheese that’s slowly cured over natural hickory. The result is a rich, delicate, almost spreadable cheese that’s a delight whether you use it melted or not. Its full flavor is the benchmark for exquisite fondue cheeses. Enjoy it with well chilled, crisp champagne.


Rambol Fume, with its extra creamy texture and subtle natural smoked taste, is a pasteurized, processed gruyere style cheese from France. It has the shape and size of a small wheel of brie and, though it does not qualify as a soft ripened cheese, it has a smooth, creamy, almost spredable paste and a very understated smoky flavor. It is perfect for fondues and entertaining. Its creamy texture works well with nutty crackers and raw vegetables on a cheese plate.


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written by Elroy Bourgraf, May 26, 2014
Outstanding snack cheese we discovered in Florida stores, but unable to find in the Cincinnati area.
written by Chris, April 08, 2014
I don't understand all the positive comments on this cheese. It tastes awful. The "smoke flavor" is far from "understated" as in the description above. It's instead a pronounced artificial taste. It also has a texture almost like Cheez Whiz. Its aroma is off-putting as well. Not recommended at all.
written by Linda Rush, March 15, 2014
I just bought this cheese at my local Kroger store. It is wonderful.
written by Craig Chilton, July 18, 2012
This cheese is SUCH a #1 favorite for me that I go out of my way to go to the Holyoke Mall to buy it every time I go to Massachusetts -- and then bring a bunch of it back home to Iowa with me. Unfortunately, no stores around here sell it, and I've never seen it anywhere else!
written by nina, March 09, 2012
like karen, i can no longer find this cheese. harris teeter used to carry it. any suggestions?
written by David Evans, July 12, 2011
Next time you make a burger, make 2 extra thin patties, and sandwich them around a 1/8 - 1/4" layer of Rambol (to taste). Reform the new patty so that no cheese is showing from the outside. Cook as normal.

You will not believe how good this is.
written by Karen Osan, July 04, 2011
I love this cheese and so does my family. But my grocery store has stopped selling it and I am having a terrible time finding it. Can you help?
written by Bridget, June 24, 2011
This cheese is a perfect pairing for dates. Just cut one open and put some Rambol inside. The sweet succulent date melts into the Fume and the whole experience ends with the smokiness of the cheese...Heaven with a sparkly sweet wine!!
written by rose sanderson, May 21, 2011
i think its really great.i love the smokey mac and cheese.
written by Jeffrey, November 26, 2010
A wonderful, buttery, slightly smoky cheese! It's almost impossible to find in my area, though!
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