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Raise a glass to summer flavor

Cheese tastes great with refreshing iced drinks

Nothing beats an ice-cold beverage on a hot summer day. Well, maybe an ice-cold beverage and some tasty cheese snacks does! 

Whether a cocktail or lemonade sounds like the right call, there's a cheese pairing that will make it taste even better. Try these delicious cheese and iced drink combs and prepare to be refreshed! 

A classic summer drink, lemonade is a simple drink but can be made all sorts of ways. Pink lemonade, classic lemonade and strawberry lemonade all can be enjoyed with hard and hard-pressed fromages like Fol Epi and Etorki. The sweet, slightly tart flavor of the drinks will go well with the cheeses smooth flavor profile. 

A cocktail known for its sweetness and refreshing mint aftertaste, a mojito is at home at any outdoor gathering or twilight relaxation session. Try it with mango on the side - it has a sweet, distinct taste that's is a great complement to soft, buttery cheeses like of St. Andre and Ile de France Brie. 

Gin and Tonic
With an acidic burst and crisp texture, a gin and tonic hits the spot for many summer occasions. Add a slice of fresh lime to boost the flavor, then slice some goat cheese and serve with crackers and honey. The refreshing gin based drink is an excellent pair with the Ile de France Goat Cheese because the cheese's tangy flavor will be refined by gin's natural dryness and the acidity of the tonic. 

Ice Tea
Another classic way to cool down, iced tea can be made sweet or unsweetened and always provides flavorful refreshment. If sweetened iced tea is your cool down beverage of choice, try a blue cheese such as St. Agur – the saltiness of the cheese tastes great with sweet drinks. Iced coffee is also a refreshing non-alcholic beverage and when served with a buttery fromage like St. André, can serve as a mild summer dessert. 

Sangria is a famously refreshing wine punch native to Spain and beloved around the world. Since wine is involved, it obviously is delicious with cheese. Lover's of French fromage can enjoy some French flair with their sangria by serving it with a soft cheese such as a our Brie or Camembert. Both these cheese pair nice with a red-wine based Sangria. 

Iced Wine
Iced wine isn't technically an "iced" drink – it's a wine made from grapes that are frozen while still on the vine! The process makes a sweet wine suitable to serving in a dessert wine flute. Serve it with a blue or goat cheese for maximum flavor contrast.