Pié d’Angloys is a sinfully rich and creamy cow’s milk cheese, similar to camembert. One of France’s favorite, it originates from the legendary Burgundy region of eastern France, which well-known for its fine foods and wines. Supple and soft, the combination of its melt-in-the-mouth texture with its rich, full flavor creates an unforgettable experience.                                                                            


pie Made form cow’s milk, it has an edible ivory rind and a pale-colored center, that is soft and spreadable, with a slightly salty bouquet. As the cheese ages, the rind is washed with wine, and cheese ripens from the outside inward.


Pié d'Angloys is definitely the ideal choice for the cheeseboard. It can also be enjoyed simply with crusty French bread to transform a lunch or a quick snack into a treat. Suitable for everyday cooking, this cheese enhances the flavor of pastas, salads and rich sauces. Enjoy it with a glass of white Sancerre, Chardonnay or a rich Burgundy or Pinot Noir.