Blue Cheese and Pears | Perfect Pairing Ideas | Ile de France

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Pears have a sweet, gentle flavor and pack enough sweet juiciness to create spectacular flavor combinations with many cheeses - especially Ile de France Blue Cheeses!

Pears can be tangy, spicy sweet or all three. Their texture is crisp and smooth, with a lingering sweetness that's spectacular with intensely flavorful cheeses like our Roquefort or St. Agur. Find out for yourself with these pear and blue cheese treats!

Roasted Pear with Walnut and St Agur
Pears in a zesty blend of yogurt, lemon juice, shallots, honey and walnuts give our St Agur an irresistibly rich flavor and an even creamier texture. A bit milder and less salty compared to other blues, our St. Agur has a distinct blue cheese flavor within its creamy texture.

Puff pastry with Pear and Roquefort
Our Roquefort's flavors are spread evenly and fully throughout each bite, creating a truly luxurious texture that's salty and satisfying. An ultra creamy texture that's never dry or crumbly, Roquefort is the perfect cheese to savor with pears.

Risotto with Pear and Roquefort Spoons
This Risotto creates an ideal environment for our St Agur to stand out. Its smooth, creamy texture is filled with crumbles of delicious blue cheese that deliciously contrast with the pears and rice featured in this satisfying risotto.

Pear Tart with Roquefort and Nuts
Need something fast? Any frozen puff pastry, some Ile de France Roquefort cheese, a couple pears and some walnuts are all you need for this delightful treat - which is as divine as a dessert as it is as an appetizer or party favor.