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Perfect Pairing – Blue Cheese & Berries the Ultimate Savory & Sweet Sensations

Don't skimp on the flavor this spring – everybody's serving the same old salads. It's never boring pairing when blue cheese and berries are in the mix!

Sweet berries and savory Roquefort offer a simple, natural combination that's explosively flavorful. The combination will kick-start any party or meal.

Ile de France Roquefort is delicious with all sorts of sweet flavors because its smooth, salty profile provides perfect contrast. Juicy berries with crumbled Roquefort are perfect for green salads, vegetable side dishes and even as a snack to pair with a zesty warm weather wines.

For an easy-to-make salty and sweet delight, try our Fruity Spring Salad with Ile de France Roquefort with blueberries instead of raspberries. The sliced green onions and baby arugula add zesty crunch.

Adding blueberries to our Creamy Roquefort and Warm Bacon Dressing is a heartier option. The blueberries add plenty of pizzazz and fit right in with the cheeses and white wine vinegar dressing.

Salad recipes are great, but sometimes you just want to throw a quick green salad together. That's perfect for blue berries and Roquefort, too. Dark, earthy spinach leaves and crunchy romaine lettuce provide a tasty back-drop for the sweet berry tang and sharp, creamy blue cheese no matter what else you toss into the mix.

For something even simpler, just serve some assorted fresh berries with Roquefort. Make it a decadent weekend treat by soaking or dunking the berries in your favorite spirit to further complement the flavors.