Perfect Match: French Lentils, French Cheese

Lentils are an easy way to freshen up spring meals. Low in fat while high in protein and fiber, lentils are soft beans that are easy to cook on the stove or in a crock pot. But for foodies, the best thing about lentils is that they're delicious with cheese!

Mellow, earthy flavors make lentils a great complement to boldly flavored French cheeses. Goat Cheese's zesty, fresh taste, Roquefort's full-bodied savory and Brie's deep creaminess all create lovely flavor combinations with lentils.

Lentils come in a range of sizes and colors – look for green, French lentils to pair with Ile de France Cheeses. Subtle mineral notes and a slightly firmer texture make them perfect for all sorts of simple delights.

Ile de France Brie with Braised French Green Lentils and Eggs
Creamy Brie makes an ideal combination when lentils are served with something a bit heartier, like eggs. Serve French Baguette topped with lentils, wedges of Brie cheese and poached, scrambled or fried eggs.

Ile de France Goat Cheese with French Lentils, Celery and Walnuts
Because lentils are soft but not mushy they easily take on the character of what they're served with. Lentils tossed with chopped celery, onion, walnuts and Goat Cheese creates a zesty salad with great texture!

Ile de France Roquefort with Warm Lentils and Spinach
For something extra tasty, bring out the Blue Cheese! Our authentic French Roquefort is fabulous with lentils. Spinach rounds out this delicious trio and complements the creamy blue cheese flavor. Add dried cherries and toasted walnuts to the mix for an excellent sweet contrast.

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