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Pass the Pasta Salad (with Cheese!)

Simple & Scrumptious, Pasta Salads make supper a snap!

It only takes a few ingredients to make scrumptious pasta salads.

Pasta, vegetables and a bit of seasoning or dressing are all you really need. Of course, adding a little something extra can take pasta salad from adequate meal to gourmet experience. Look no further than Ile de France Cheeses! In the time it takes to cook and cool a batch of noodles, you can easily have all the flavorful pasta salad ingredients ready to serve. Try these recipes and savor the cheese and pasta flavor!

Simple Ile de France Brie Cheese Pasta Salad
Our Brie has a creamy, smooth flavor that's delicious with pasta. It's also especially tasty with tomatoes, which add a zesty kick that compliments the smoothness of pasta and cheese. Our Brie and Tomato Linguine recipe may be simple but it's deliciously filling. Great as a last-minute meal, it packs enough flavorful for casual parties, too. The Brie is "marinated" with olive oil, pepper, fresh cubed tomatoes and fresh basil, all of which are delicious when tossed with hot noodles and roasted garlic.

Pasta Salad with a Basil and Fol Épi Twist
Ham gives this pasta salad a satisfying twist and the smooth Fol Epi adds well rounded flavor. Bell pepper and basil bring a truly fresh taste to this simple pasta dish.

Camembert Cheese Pasta Salad
Our Camembert is earthy, full-flavored and creamy. The cheese's mushroom and nutty overtones are divine with the peppers and tomatoes in this pasta salad.

Tuna and Carrot Tagliatelles with Saint Albray
The hearty, robust flavor of Saint Albray creates a varied and deep flavor with the tuna, carrots and shallots in this recipe.