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Pairing Perfection Brie and Quinoa

Move over, rice - there's a new grain in town that's healthier, tastier and has a unique texture that adds a little something extra. Quinoa! Best part? There's a wealth of ways to savor it with ultra-creamy Ile de France Brie Cheese!

While technically a seed, quinoa is a great alternative to grains. Its mild, nutty taste and versatility make it a delicious addition to all sorts of dishes. Quinoa pairs well with vegetables, fruits, and especially Ile de France Brie Cheese! Intrigued? Try these simple quinoa dishes today!

- Strawberry Quinoa Salad with Brie Cheese
For a unique spin on any green salad that includes strawberries, try adding soft Brie cheese and nutty cooked quinoa. The quinoa adds a crunchy texture and brings plenty of b-vitamins to compliment the mixed greens.

- Eggplant, Quinoa, Hazelnut and Brie Salad
This vegetable combination features some traditional Italian ingredients eggplant and hazelnuts, but French Ile de France Brie cheese and quinoa make are what really make it scrumptious. Over a bed of fresh baby spinach, mix small portions of Brie and slices of eggplant along with crunchy hazelnuts and nutritious quinoa!

- Quinoa with Grapes, Avocado and Brie
To make a side dish that pops with flavor, mix quinoa with juicy grapes, rich avocado, and bites of creamy Ile de France Brie cheese. This dish can be served as an appetizer or as a light and healthy dinner option.