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Pack the cheese and get ready to picnic!

Everyone loves picnics. When it comes to weather, summer is tough to beat - it's the perfect month to head outside for a picnic. Bring along some French cheese and a relaxing, satisfying and delicious picnic can be created virtually instantly!

Keep it simple

Picnic food is best when its light, flavorful, easy to prepare and eat. Leave the heavy sauces and rich side dishes at home in favor of simple, portable snacks and courses.

Because French cheese is so flavorful and portable, it's perfect for picnics! Bring along a baguette and two or three fine cheeses, meats, cut vegetables and favorite condiments and all you need for a très bon and satisfying outdoor meal can be packed in just a few minutes!

Don't forget the wine

There's no better way to relax than to savor a glass of fresh, crisp white wine on a nice summer day. So make sure to toss a bottle of wine in your picnic basket. A fresh, dry white wine is best, and many can be found for little more than $10. Try a white wine from the Rhone Valley region and sip it while imagining gazing out at the French countryside and wine regions. White wines go well with light foods, making them an ideal picnic wine - A votre santé!

Create a simple cheese lover's picnic menu

Salad – Make a salad with a light dressing, crumbled blue cheese, tomatoes and romaine lettuce.

Appetizer – Create a cheese plate with creamy Ile de France brie cheese, one hard pressed cheese like sliced Fol Epi and a flavorful blue cheese such as St. Agur. Add a baguette and fresh veggies to accompany the fromage.

Main course - Bring along some favorite cold cuts and sliced French bread to make sandwiches. Try ham, Ile de France goat cheese and roasted peppers on sliced French bread. Adorn with some lettuce and cracked pepper to instantly create a satisfying and exquisitely simple meal.

Dessert – Pack some fresh summer fruit like berries, grapes and melon. Serve with a creamy St. Albray or Crème de St. Agur and a cheese lovers' dessert delight can easily and satisfyingly top off the picnic.

Wine – Add your favorite chilled white wine and you will be ready for a seriously relaxing gourmet picnic!

Pack the Picnic Essentials

Don't forget to bring:
- Cooler fully stocked with ice to hold wine, meats, cheeses and cold drinks.
- Small cutting board and knife to cut and serve cheese.
- Picnic basket to carry supplies.
- Small storage containers for leftovers
- Soft picnic blanket or tablecloth to lay on ground.
- Cushions or pillows if desired.
- Sunscreen and umbrella
- Utensils/plates/cups
- Napkins/paper towels
- Trash bags
- Music player with portable speakers, camera, and a frisbee or ball to play with.

Bonjour bons vivants!

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