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Oozing with flavors - Cheese and grilling pairings
July 2010

July is National Grilling Month, so celebrate by grilling with French cheese! It’s a délicieux way to enjoy gourmet flavor this summer and will add a whole new twist to any summer cookout.
It’s easy to turn your favorite gourmet cheese into an unexpected barbeque treat – whether as part of le plat principal or as a big time flavor boosting side dish to your favorite grilled delights!

The Boska Holland Barbeclette – a raclette grill specially designed for outdoor grilling – is a fun, easy way to add gourmet fromage to your summer barbeques.
Simply gather your favorite fromage on the barbeclette, place it on the grill and let it melt while your other foods cook. The melted goodness will be a big hit with any cookout fan, as it adds a frais new element to grilling menus that include a variety of meats and vegetables.

Try these serving suggestions and take your next cookout to new heights of gourmet flavor.

Potatoes and veggies
– Enliven your side dishes with some fine fromage! It’s as easy as applying some melted cheese on top of grilled vegetables and boiled or baked potatoes. Baked potatoes come alive with flavor when topped with fine cheese. Try a potato with a fine French blue cheese, or, for a milder flavor, add some melted Morbier to your sprouts.

Ile de France Brie cheese is an exciting replacement for butter and sour cream for a baked potato topping, since its naturally buttery texture packs hints of natural flavors like nuts and mushrooms that add a great deal of flavor to any type of potato.

Serving suggestion – Baked potatoes are often adorned with bacon bits to add extra flavor. Try topping a potato with bacon bits and raclette cheese for a major flavor explosion that can serve as a hearty component to any summer feast.

Bread and cheeseburgers – For a simple gourmet cheese appetizer, slice some French bread and add a dollop of melted fromage. Raclettte and Morbier make for especially flavorful cheese toasts that can be grilled and served as a no frills yet delicious culinary warm up course. The bread can be toasted on the grill alongside the cheese while the rest of the meal is prepared. Try cheeses from the pressed and pressed cooked family.

As for sandwiches and burgers, French cheese makes any tastier, and melted French cheese hot off the grill is even better. Making hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and turkey sandwiches with French cheeses is an excellent way to easily enhance flavor this summer.

Ile de France Brie, Morbier and even blues like Roquefort or St. axlier make delicious additions to grilled sandwiches as well.

Serving suggestion– Etorki is a frais sheep’s milk cheese that tastes great with pickles. Serve a simple sandwich with memorable and complex flavors by simply combining melted Etorki, a grilled chicken breast and sliced dill pickles.

Cheese and vegetable delights – Grilled tomatoes taste great with the fresh salty tang of Ile de France Goat Cheese, while peppers and onions become a tasty side dish when combined with a deliciously meltable cheese like Entremont Emmental.
Shish kabobs can become an instant cheesy delight with melted cheese as well. Etorki and Charles Arnaud Comté can be melted on the Barbeclette and poured over shish kabobs prior to serving, or the melted cheeses can serve as dip for the individual pieces of the kabob after they are removed from the scewer.

Serving suggestion - Try sprinkling some basil and oregano on your grilled tomatoes after taking them off the grill – the added flavors will compliment the cheese and the vegetable.

No barbeclette? No problem – A heavy duty, non stick pan can be used in its place on an outdoor grill, and some cheeses can be melted on tin foil along with vegetables or potatoes – just be watchful to avoid burning the cheese. Some fromage, like Ile de France Goat Cheese, can be combined with bread crumbs and grilled directly on a heat source to create cheese patties that are delicious on their own or as a topping.

The prize
In honor of National Grilling Month we’ve teamed with fine cheese toolmaker Boska Holland for a FREE barbeclette giveaway three each week in July!

The Barbeclette is a unique grilling tool designed for preparing raclette on outdoor barbecues. The melting plate is provided with a non-stick coating. With the Barbeclette, fine cheeses can easily be added to any barbecue menu! A great new way for cheese lovers and vegetarians to enjoy summer cookouts!

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