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Nuts for Brie: Brie Cheese with Almonds and Pecans

How do you enhance the already spectacular flavor of Ile de France Brie? It's simple – just go nuts!

Nuts of all kinds add a fabulous flavor and texture companion to our Brie Cheese. Brie can be served on its own with nuts, with pairings topped with nuts or simply with nuts on the side. Try these nuts and Brie pairing tips and savor the flavors and textures.

Weekday snack – Sometimes you need a little afternoon energy boast and a healthy, protein packed snack is a much better option than another cup of coffee or a sugar-packed energy drink. Nuts are filled with healthy proteins. Along with Brie, they're a tasty and satisfying snack. Try our creamy single serve Brie Bites topped with sliced unsalted almonds. Add blueberries and honey to the mix to create an irresistible salty-sweet contrast on top of the crunchy-creamy texture.

After work indulgence – Who doesn't need a relaxing snack at the end of the day? Nothing can beat Brie, a glass of wine and a handful of crunchy nuts. For something truly wild, try putting some almonds or pecans in a food processor, sautéing them in a pan with some olive oil and then rolling cubed Brie in the mixture. The resulting warm mixture of Brie and nuts can be served on crackers, by itself or with sliced apples and pears.

Weekend brunch - the combination of French Brie and nuts is a weekday winner but it's perfect for the weekend too. Start early with brunch! Brie and Pecan toast with honey drizzled on top makes a great light breakfast or a side dish to go along with any brunch menu. Use a food processor to chop up some almonds, then sprinkle them on some whole grain toast slathered with honey, top with Brie and voilà – a simple Brie delight!