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Not Your Average Spud: Ile de France Cheese Stuffed Potatoes

With winter on the horizon, bigger flavors and heartier foods are in season. Potatoes are a warm winter side dish with a mellow flavor and texture that's delicious with Ile de France Cheeses.

Try our warm and savory potato and cheese pairing tips this winter and discover a truly delicious combination!

Simple Cheese Potato Flavor
Baked Potatoes are a winter staple – but the butter and sour cream toppings get old fast. For something much tastier try our Brie or Camembert. Both have a deep flavor that subtlety meshes with potatoes to create great texture and flavor.

Better yet, try our brand new spreadable cheeses as a baked potato topping. Our fabulously flavorful Crème de Bleu and Chèvremousse whipped goat cheese combine deliciously with potatoes' starchiness, turning every day potato side dishes into gourmet indulgences!

Gourmet Cheese Potato Goodness
For something a bit different, try our authentic French Camembert with red potatoes and prosciutto. Camembert has a delightfully creamy texture that's delicious with the intense flavors of Prosciutto (bacon or any cured ham, will work, too.) Just slice the potatoes in half and scoop out an area to fill with cheese. Top with the Prosciutto and place the potatoes on a baking pan. Bake until the desired texture.

Stuffed Bleu Cheese potatoes are delicious too – and can be made with or without meat. For a vegetable version, try our Roquefort Cheese topped with diced tomatoes.

Other fabulous options for making savory stuffed potatoes with cheese include:

- St. Agur stuffed sweet potatoes
- Kale and Brie stuffed russet potatoes
- Goat cheese-stuffed red potatoes with raisins or roasted grapes

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written by Ricka Doerr, April 16, 2014
Good! Want to try this recipe soon.

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