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Cheese boards and platters

Serving cheese on delightful cheese boards, cheese plates and cheese platters are some of the best ways to enjoy gourmet fromages. Whether you want to serve cheese to your guests or simply want a delicious snack to enjoy while watching the big game, cheese plates are easy to make and offer no fuss gourmet pleasures.

Below you'll find different cheese plate appetizers - several of our easiest, most popular cheese board recipes. Create stunning cheese platters in a matter of minutes, or learn how to make a cheese platter that will have your guests gobbling up fromage like never before. Our cheese board guide includes recipes and ideas for cheese assortments as well as what to serve with cheese.

Tour de France Cheeseboard Tour de France Cheeseboard

For a cheeseboard that embraces elegance and sophistication, consider this combination of French cheese. Each selection is more visually, flavorfully and textually interesting than the next! This cheeseboard is comprised of cheeses from various regions in France and makes a strikingly chic statement – setting the stage for an evening to remember.

Ile de France Brie and Charcuterie Platter by Kathy Gunst Ile de France® Brie and Charcuterie Platter
by Kathy Gunst

In bistros and backyards all over France, gorgeous cheese platters with charcuterie --seasoned, smoked or aged meats and sausages -- are served with an assortment of country and peasant breads, pickles, and, of course, Gourmet cheeses. For a casual gathering of friends and family, this is the perfect way to whet their appetites. Here is our version, celebrating the great flavors of France.

Classic French Cheese Platter Classic French Cheese Platter

On this classic French board the cheese range the spectrum from the bold Etorki, rich St Albray, and the classic blue Roquefort, to the tangy Goat Cheese, and buttery Brie. Crunchy nuts, strawberries, sweet pears, or pickled onions create a savory contrast to the smooth cheeses.

Spring Berry Fruit Bowl Spring Berry Fruit Bowl

The simple addition of lime zest makes fresh spring berries that much more special. Serve this alongside any appetizer or dessert cheeseboard this season.

Tomato Toast with Brie by Kathy Gunst Tomato Toast with Brie by Kathy Gunst

Brie and tomatoes are a winning combination. In this simple, addictive dish, thick slices of crusty bread are smothered with fruity olive oil, topped with sweet, juicy, ripe tomato and topped with thin slices of creamy Brie. The toast is grilled until the tomato just begins to soften and the cheese melts on top. Serve tomato toast for breakfast (with eggs and strong coffee); for lunch, accompanied by a green salad; or as an hors d’oeuvre or first course.