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Naturally Gourmet Fromage

The secrets to our timeless lineup of authentic French cheeses lie in the all-natural ingredients used to make them.

Grass fed flavor
It's not just the animals – it's what they eat that makes our cheeses uniquely delicious.

- Our Goat Cheeses have a slightly salty, tangy and fresh flavor that is a tribute to the land that feeds our goats, naturally.

- The traditional fresh Chèvre comes from the French Rhône Alps region – where the goats graze outside. Their milk takes its rich flavor from the soil, where grass grows alongside the flowers of lush pre-alpine meadows.

- Our Roquefort PDO French blue cheese is made from grass-fed sheep that graze in the south of France. Their milk develops bold flavors from the soil, creating a spicy, rich blue cheese that retains an incredible creaminess. The natural qualities of the cheese are further refined as it's aged in natural caves, where it stays two months longer than the Protected Denomination of Origin requires.

rBST free milk
Ile de France cheese is made with rBST-free milk. We have a dedicated milk supply that is always growth-hormone free - and only the freshest milk is used to produce our cheeses.

For example, Ile de France Brie is made with our own cream, made with freshly collected milk and added to the cheese making on the same day. That's how we can deliver the freshest French cheese experience and exceptionally rich and creamy flavors.

*The FDA has stated that there is no significant difference between milk from rBST-treated and untreated.

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