Morbier (meaning "small market-town") is produced in the Jura mountains - at an altitude of 2500 feet - in the area straddled at the border of France and Switzerland. Charles Arnaud Morbier is moulded and produced by a small cooperative still using traditional methods. Morbier with its thick, moist rind is instantly recognized by the unique, dark ash stripe that runs through its yellow paste. It makes an interesting addition to any cheese board. With its pungent flavors, it should be served with mild bread, crackers, nuts and grapes. It pairs best with a light red wine like Gamay, a dry white wine like Sancerre, or with the yellow Jura wine of the region.


Morbier Morbier is known for its sweet, rich, nutty flavor, and creamy texture. The cheese is uncooked and pressed, and allowed to mature for two months. It is then brushed with salty water. The shape is round with sides that may bulge slightly. Below the thick brown crust, the yellow-ivory pâté; is supple and soft when touched, separated by a thin flavorless layer of ash. The cheese is elastic and springy, with a yeasty aroma and a sweet, fruity taste.


The origin of Morbier cheese dates back more than two centuries. Producers of Comte decided to make a smaller cheese, for their own consumption, with the leftover milk that was not enough for a whole wheel of Comte. Each night, soot was sprinkled on the fresh curd that remained at the bottom of the barrel, which prevented a rind from forming, and kept the insects away. The next day, left over pieces of cheese were put on top to complete the Morbier. This is how the horizontal black furrow through the middle of the cheese formed, and the famous Morbier was born.


Morbier Charles Arnaud Morbier is moulded and produced by a small Fruitière: the cooperative of Guyans-Vennes village, located in the highest part of the Jura. The coop, gathering 20 farmers of the village, collects over 1 million gallon of milk per year, every single day. One third of it is used for the Morbier AOC, and the remaining two thirds for AOC Comté production. The milk comes from Montbeliarde cow, a typical specie of this area, as it can bear very cold temperatures. Its milk is very specific, with high bacterial quality. The cheese master will process the milk without any heat treatment, in order for the cheese to express all the richness and diversity of the natural mountain flora. This mountain cheese ends its maturation process in Jean Charles Arnaud' cellar in Poligny. Sample it either straight or melted, Charles Arnaud's traditional AOC (Appellation d'Origine Controlee, meaning PDO-Protected Designation of Origin) Morbier will make all cheese lovers happy!


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written by Louis Billerey, December 11, 2013
Please tell me where I can buy Mobier cheese
from the Franche Comte and the price?

Louis Billerey
written by susan koushbay, August 22, 2010
is morbier cheese available w/ goats milk??
written by David Nutt, November 23, 2009
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