Mission Statement

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Ile de France Cheese has been importing gourmet French brie, goat cheese and camembert since 1936, when it was the first importer of French brie to the United States. This site uses the respected Ile de France name to promote Ile de France cheeses as well as other types of French cheese that are sold under different labels but have the same gourmet cheese quality and are owned by the same parent company. www.IledeFranceCheese.com strives to:

- Provide a resource to online cooking communities on the best and easiest ways to use and enjoy fine French cheeses, as well as on the history of the cheeses, and how they are made.

- Present a wide range of recipes and serving suggestions - from simple pairings and cheese boards to advanced entrée and desserts - all of which center around the complex flavors of gourmet French cheese.

- Share tips for social gatherings centered on gourmet food and French cheese.

- Build a community of gourmet food lovers who like to share ideas about cooking and using French cheese.

- Make gourmet "bistro-style" eating accessible - something everyone can enjoy without feeling self conscious about not having enough knowledge.