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Making Mini Tartines

Small open-faced sandwiches really show off fromage flavor

Tartines are one-sided sandwiches topped with a few fabulous, fresh ingredients. These simple delicacies are a classic of French cuisine. The secret to making terrific tartines is quality and simplicity - emphasize each ingredient to create a charming, versatile treat.

Making tartines requires nothing more than assembling slices of crisply toasted baguette, cheese and accompanying ingredients. Mini tartines are great for parties and can be made with skinny loaves of baguette or bigger slices cut in half.

Goat Cheese and Tomato Mini Tartines
Just by topping baguette slices with refreshing Ile de France Goat Cheese and ripe cherry tomatoes cut into quarters makes a special flavor. Serve these as appetizers, snacks or even a fun weekend breakfast. Add garlic, herbs, a drizzling of olive oil or a bit of honey balsamic vinaigrette for added flavor.

Caramelized Onion & Brie Cheese Tartines
Think of this combination as a snack bite version of French onion soup. The caramelized onions offer an ideal companion to Brie. The smooth cheese and caramelized onions are a delightfully savory pairing. It's a perfect combination for our flagship Brie Cheese with Herbes de Provence, which features an aromatic mix of herbs and perfectly complements the smooth onions.

Smoked Salmon & Brie Cheese Tartines
Another classic combination, salmon's mellow flavor really benefits from the creamy flavor of our Brie Cheese. The bread will give the two soft ingredients a nice appetizing crunch with each bite. Anything from poached eggs to orange slices can be added to the mix, so don't be afraid to use a little culinary creativity!

Roquefort Cheese & Bacon Tartines
Decadently flavorful, this pastoral combination makes an open-faced sandwich that explodes with bold flavors. Drizzle a bit of honey and black pepper on this combination and prepare for rave reviews.

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