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Make Soufflé today! Soufflé tips & recipes

One of the most popular and well known dishes of French cuisine, soufflés are fun to make, flavorful and can be full of surprises, including French cheese!

Soufflé – French for "to puff up" - is a fluffy dish made with beaten egg whites and a variety of tasty flavors and textures. Everything from fruit to fish – and, of course, cheese - can be made into a soufflé.

With so much variety in ingredients, it's no wonder soufflés can be served as appetizers, side dishes, main dishes and even desserts.

The best part for aspiring gourmets? Souffles are much easier to make than many people think.

Here are three simple tips for making cheese soufflé recipes at home:

The eggs: The most vital ingredient in soufflés are egg whites. The egg white are what makes the soufflé "puff," and also give the dish an infusion of flavorful protein. Making sure the egg whites are properly mixed is very important, which makes it best to use a hand mixer.

The timing: Prepare all ingredients you plan to put in the soufflé before beginning to whip the egg whites.

The presentation: Flavorful cheese soufflé recipes can be customized with many kinds of ingredients. Meats, cheeses and other foods can be added in. Just be sure to pay extra attention to the egg white measurements to ensure you'll get the signature soufflé poof.

Serve with: Light salads, French baguettes, steamed vegetables and even potatoes all make excellent side dishes to soufflé.

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