The Montagnard des Vosges, as the name implies, is a mountain cheese with a strong character. It is an intensely creamy cheese with pleasant, earthy flavors, but without any sharpness at the finish. It is excellent as a table cheese with rustic bread or a baguette. The Montagnard is best enjoyed with a Pinot Gris, or Chardonney that will highlight its strong nature.


Le Montagnard Made from cow's milk in the eastern region of France, this cheese has subtle wood aromas and earthy tones.

A washed rind cheese, it bares the colors of autumn on its rind: the bright orange exterior hides a creamy, rich paste full of tasty promise. The texture is smooth, unctuous, and melting, reminiscent of the fresh, milky aromas of mountain pastures. The Montagnard is soft and slightly pungent, with an edible rind.


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written by Stephanie, August 06, 2009
Where can I find this cheese in southern California?
written by The Ile de France Marketing Team, July 17, 2009

Thank you for noticing and letting us know about the error. It has been corrected, with your help. We hope that you continue to visit our site and let us know how we're doing.

Thanks again!
written by Peter Durbetaki, June 29, 2009
You have an error on this page for Le Montagnard. The profile description shown is for Caprice des Dieux, not for Le Montagnard.

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