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Last Minute Appetizer Options

It's prime season for gatherings of all kinds. The weather's warm and it's time for outdoor reveling. Who wants to spend hours in the kitchen? Maximize your leisure with our last-minute party snacks!

Keep some Ile de France Cheese around and gourmet snacking is always just a few minutes away! Here are just a few options to savor the summer. Be the ultimate host, no effort required.

Brie Cheese Tomato Toast Brie is a quick appetizer that's as simple as it is delicious. Thickly slice baguette and top with a brushing of olive oil and thinly sliced tomatoes. Sweet, juicy, crunchy and crisp – the perfect setting for our luxuriously creamy Brie! Thin slices of Ile de France Brie with tomatoes is a fabulous contrasting pairing of flavors. Grill or broil until the tomatoes soften a tad and the Brie is melted.

Goat Cheese with Honey and Almonds is another winner when it comes to flavor and time. Crunchy, sweet and ultra fresh flavors come together with this combination, which can be served in several ways. Ile de France Goat Cheese softens nicely at room temperature and is great on thin, crisp water crackers. Add some drizzled honey and a dusting of crushed almonds and you'll have some real memorable flavors to present in just a few minutes.

Ultra Simple Salads are a classic use of our incredibly flavorful French Blue Cheeses. Blue cheese adds easy flavor to salads whenever it's crumbed over vegetables. You won't need a complex ingredient list or an intricate dressing - Ile de France Roquefort's invitingly earthy aroma, bold flavor and creamy texture turns garden-variety vegetables into gourmet delights. Go with tomatoes, cucumbers, green leaf lettuce and carrots, mixed, chopped and topped with crumbled Roquefort and a dash of any blue cheese dressing. Need a quick meal? Add grilled chicken and hard boiled eggs.

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