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Joyful Pairing: Champagne with Soft Cheeses

If it's not from France, it isn't champagne and if there's no champagne, it's not really a celebration. So don't hold back on the bubbly this season - and don't be afraid to indulge with authentic Champagne from the French region it's named for.

There's no better way to revel than with the refreshing, tingly sensation of real Champagne. There's a reason it's been a celebratory drink for centurirs, after all. Add an authentic, soft French cheese like Brie, and it's a real French treat. Take a small bite after each sip – soft cheese and crisp, acidic wines off all the right contrasts.

Here' what you need to know to make the most of this legendary pairing.

Ile de France Goat Cheese with a full-bodied, rich champagne like Gosset Grande Réserve can't be beat. The Goat Cheese has a fresh, mildly tangy flavor. It tastes best with a strong champagne with deep aromas that match the cheese's farmhouse essence.

Extra dry champagne is a common site anytime there's something to celebrate. With a touch of fruity sweetness, a dry finish and an undeniably crisp mouthfeel, this is a drink that demands something creamy to fully appreciate. Our ultra-creamy Brie and Camembert cheeses offer just the right cheese for a true French classic.

Go with tangy and creamy with our Roquefort Cheese or St. Agur Cheese. Something as savory as a French bleu perfect fits something light and sweet. Pink champagne is the easy choice here. Try a Veuve Clicquot Rose. It will contrast and compliment any pink champagne with a sweet, airy flavor that cleanses the palette each sip. St. Agur is a bit more mild than other blues and has a creamy texture that's lovely with champagne.