Join the (Ghost) Hunt for Free Cheese!

Find the "Gourmet Ghost" on & Win Free Ile de France Cheese!

Here's how it works:

- Every week day from October 25 - 31 we will hide a "Gourmet Ghost" on one page of our website.

- A clue will be posted on the Ile de France Twitter & Facebook pages each day at noon EST.

- Follow Ile de France Cheese on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook, receive the clue, then use it to
*find the page with the Ghost!

- Email the ghost-containing page's URL to

- Each day before the new clue is revealed, one winner will be selected from those who emailed
the correct URL for the previous clue & the Ghost will move to a new page - with a new clue & a totally new chance to win!

That's not all!

The First 50 Ghost Hunters to email the correct URL each day will receive an exclusive Ile de France Cheese Coupon!

Spread the word & tell your friends & followers to join the hunt!

Official Rules, Terms & Conditions

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written by Arthur, October 28, 2013
Friday's clue was real easy but today's clue is super hard.
written by Emilie, Ile de France Marketing team, October 25, 2013
Hi Teresa,

Great question! No need to have a Facebook or Twitter account- we'll post clues every weekday on our Facebook page: and our Twitter page: both of which are public! Happy Ghost Hunting! :)
written by Teresa Motz, October 25, 2013
I am not a Facebook or Twitter member. How can I participate?
written by Tenille, October 23, 2012
fun contest!...especially for cheese lovers like me!
written by Donna Hay, October 23, 2012
I love your cheese. I had some of the brie and it was sheer heaven.
written by Mary Beane, October 23, 2012
I love cheese
written by Ile de France Cheese, October 23, 2012
Hi Ruth! Thank you for your comment. The ghost is hidden some where on the Ile de France website. Use this clue to find the ghost:

Clue: You can have your cheese & eat it too with these desserts!

Good luck!
written by mar brown, October 23, 2012
Found it,but failed to send'so I don't think it went through.Hope I don't get disqualified it if goes through twice.
written by jean carlisle, October 23, 2012
found it!
written by Mary Anderson, October 23, 2012
great to see all the great stuff
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