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written by Emilie, February 12, 2014
Hi Merry, we are currently in the final stages of selecting the winning recipes and will notify winners in the coming weeks when selections have been made, thank you!
-Emilie, Ile de France Cheese Marketing team
written by Merry Graham, February 12, 2014
Have the Holiday Recipe Contest winners been posted? Thanks!
written by Emilie, Ile de France Marketing team, November 18, 2013
Hi Rob, thanks for your comment! We'd love to enter you in our contest if you can provide a photo of this delicious cheese creation. Thanks!

written by renate bousaada, November 17, 2013
love it just the easy it is
written by rob Lackner jr, November 17, 2013
grilled cheese deluxe, two slices texas toast,two kinds cheese,mild colby, mozzarella,sprinkle with pepper,add four shaved slices of ham,add celery salt,butter bread and pan fry on both si
written by Penny L Herget, November 17, 2013
I would love to have this cheese
written by Guylaine Deschamps, November 16, 2013
written by Catherine Guzik, November 16, 2013
written by gail kirkwood, November 16, 2013
Any cheese is great plain or mixing
written by cindy galdes, November 16, 2013
I would mix any cheese
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