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written by Lauren Lutz, January 23, 2015
Will you guys be posting winner's for the contest somewhere so we can see what recipes made it? I keep checking everywhere and don't see anything. Thank you!
written by Lauren Lutz, January 05, 2015
Hello! I keep trying to enter your Recipe contest, and it's not working. I have been emailing them to "", and I keep getting messages saying that they are not being delivered!!! Is there another email I can send them to? Or can you check to see if you got them? I love cheese. Please help! ;) Thanks, Lauren
written by Carla kirby, January 03, 2015
Just sent my first entry in a contest to you! I am a cheese lover but have never tried your cheeses before. I bought the Camembert and I will be buying it again. The problem I had was finding a store that carries your cheeses! I finally found it at Meijers, and this was the only one of yours they had. Please see about increasing supply's. My extended family loved it also.
written by Betty Y, January 01, 2015
This is directed at Connie B who posed on Dec 31st. The directions to enter the contest are listed on the main site page - there is no link/page; you have to e-mail your entry....
To participate, simply send us a recipe and picture that features at least one cheese featured on www.IledeFranceCheese and is suitable to serve at a holiday gathering. Send all entries to
Entries must include a cheese on the Ile de France website or won't be considered. Entries without a picture won't be considered. Participants may submit multiple entries. Judges reserve the right – at their sole discretion - to disqualify any entry.
written by Connie Behensky, December 31, 2014
I am so irritated with this site. I have been trying to enter the recipe contest for an hour and can't for the life of me figure out how to do it. I have clicked on everything on this site to get to that site and nothing.
written by gloria tierney, December 31, 2014
Is is truly heaven sent.
written by Darla Catlin, December 31, 2014
We love cheese!
written by April walrath, December 30, 2014
My Family is cheese lovers !
written by Susan jette, December 20, 2014
Our family loves cheese, there are so many dishes you can make
written by carl, December 19, 2014
wow-love your cheese
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