Ile de France Camembert Cheese
Made in the town of Pacé in the Normandy region of France - the traditional home of Camembert cheese – Ile de France camembert is made with traditional methods and the freshest milk available. Only rBst-free, pasteurized milk from cows that graze in the Normandy region's lush green pastures is used to make Ile de France Camembert.
The milk used to make the new camembert is transformed within 48 hours of milking to ensure absolute freshness. The result is an earthy, full flavored and creamy fromage that features mushroom and nutty overtones – with an extraordinary aromatic bouquet.

The new camembert’s rustic, woody flavor and results from the quality of its ingredients and the traditional cheese making methods used to produce it. A creamy and soft-textured cheese, the Normandie camembert reintroduces under its artisan ivory rind the wonderful flavor of traditional farmhouse French camembert.

The versatile fromage can be enjoyed in a wide variety of dishes, from salads to sandwiches, entrées and even desserts.
In the small town of Camembert, in Normandy, there is a statue in the honor of Marie Harel, who is credited for inventing camembert cheese. In 1791, the farmer molded curd milk with a ladle, creating the very first camembert.

While that was the first instance of camembert, it wasn’t until 1850 that the cheese became widely known. That’s when the French railroad from Paris to Caen, via Lisieux, opened and brought camembert to other areas of the country.

Soon, Napoleon III tasted it and immediately fell in love with the flavorful fromage and began regularly asking for it. Word spread quickly, as the railroad connection between the Normandie region and Paris offered many new outlets and opportunities for people to try the camembert.

The production of camembert began to increase drastically, as the delicious fromage made its way around the country.
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written by JANETMARIE LINTEMOOT, November 05, 2010
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