Ile de France BrieRicher, Creamy flavor revealed

Fresh, natural ingredients and traditional cheese-making methods produce the rich, full flavor that's made Ile de France Brie famous.

Crafted in Normandy, France, Ile de France Brie is made of the fresh milk of grass fed cows and is rBST free. Ile de France Brie is named after the town of Brie - the French province where it originated - and the famous Ile de France ocean liner, which first delivered Brie to the United States in 1936.

La crème du jourFreshest, all-natural ingredients do matter
A well-kept secret!

We make our own cream from freshly collected milk and add it to cheese making the very same day. At its freshest, it delivers to the cheese an exceptionally rich creamy flavor.


We have a dedicated rBST-free milk supply that insure only the freshest milk is used to produce Ile de France Brie.

That is THE Ile de France Brie difference

Flavor profile

It all starts with a clean, fresh milky note. Then the deliciously creamy texture of our Brie takes over making the flavor bloom into rich, full mode to end with hazelnut and light mushroom aftertaste.


In 1936, Ile de France Brie was brought to the United States aboard the famed Ile de France ocean liner - the first refrigerated sea vessel. It was the first time Americans had access to the delicate French fromage. Ile de France takes its name from the famous ship and continues to supply authentic French Brie to American cheese lovers.
Read more about the story of the S.S. Ile de France

Serving tips

- Brie is most flavorful when served at room temperature. Remove Brie from the refrigerator about 45 minutes before serving.

- Traditionally, Brie is served with the rind intact, though many people prefer it with the rind removed.

- A wheel of Brie should be cut like a cake, with wedges cut in slices lengthwise.

- Dip your cheese knife in hot water, so the cheese won't stick to it.

Featured recipes & pairings

The number of ways to enjoy Brie is limited only by your imagination. Whether served on a hearty baguette with a glass of wine or inside an intricate entrée recipe - like our Brie Membrillo and Asian Pear Crostini or Brie Stuffed Pork Chops with Pomegranate Glaze - there's surely a Brie recipe for any meal or occasion.

Brie is a fantastic on its own, as a pairing and in recipes. Scroll through the pictures of some of our favorite recipes featuring Ile de France Brie to see the full range of its creamy, flavorful essence.

More About Brie

Explore the rest of our website for more ways to enjoy our authentic
French Brie Cheese, including:

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written by Donna, July 15, 2013
Where can I buy the mini bries? Live in Pennsylvania
written by Chris mead, July 04, 2013
this stuff is the freakiest creamy Brie I've ever had. We bought it on vacation and didn't get into it. I just cut into it tonight and am rather flabbergasted. Thanks!
written by Roberto Porter, July 01, 2013
I really love your Brie and Camembert Chesses, and at least twice a month I buy them here in Villahermosa, Tabasco, in Mexico. Your products are just delightful. Congratulations¡
written by Candace Marty, June 17, 2013
What are your cows fed? Are they fed corn or soy? If so, is it organic corn or soy? Because 99% of all corn and soy is GM'd. I'm looking for a grass fed brie with NO hormones and no GM grain.
written by Gina, June 17, 2013
Are the cows you use the milk from for your cheese grass fed? I would love if you made a raw milk Brie !!! Thank you
written by Ile de France Cheese, June 03, 2013
Hi Heather! Thank you for your comment. I apologize for the late reply. All of our cheese is pasteurized. Enjoy!
written by Heather, May 28, 2013
Is the Blue Brie pasteurized?
written by Nichole, February 07, 2013
Thanks so much for the good news. You have made us pregnant Brie lovers very happy!
written by Jo Morgan, February 05, 2013
This is the best Brie ever. I buy it at least twice a month and the flavor and texture are always the same. Thanks for such a great product.
written by Ile de France Cheese, February 04, 2013
Hi Nichole and Suzanne! Thank you for your questions. Yes, our Ile de France Brie is pasteurized. Enjoy!
written by SuzanneB, February 03, 2013
Echoing Nichole's question -- for the brie-loving pregnant women out there, please indicate whether the milk used for your brie is pasteurized!
written by Nichole, January 31, 2013
Is this cheese pasteurized?
written by Ile de France Cheese, January 08, 2013
Hi Jennifer! It's great to hear how much you love Ile de France Brie! Our Brie is indeed rBST free. Enjoy!
written by Jennifer, January 08, 2013
i can't stop eating this brie! i don't know if it's the rBST-free milk or what, but my stomach is not even upset (and i am more than mildly lactose intolerant). so happy! also, the stop n shop in somerset, nj carries it.
written by Ben worth, December 11, 2012
Adicted to this cheese. Always good. Thank you Ile De France for making a great product. Thanks Publix Olando Florida for selling it!!
written by DLP, June 27, 2012
Costco has 1kg wheels of Brie. The mushroom aroma and texture of the skin is wonderful. Did you know that there are people who actually throw away the skin! I would almost toss the cheese and just eat the skin - but who would do that...
written by Fikret, April 17, 2012
You know we Bosnians like to eat cheese almost every day and we make our own cheese too but
Franch have beaten us when it comes to making cheese like le Brie absolutely
Good quality and I eat it with that white wrap to taste like raw mushroom , it's expansive here in the USA
written by George, March 30, 2012
we bought this brie from a shipper in the states to the uk (pastacheese) and absolutely loved it! it had such a great taste especially on a baguette!
written by ellie, March 12, 2012
Where can i buy this in the uk please
written by ellie, March 12, 2012
Does anyone know where i can buy this brie in the uk. i bought some from a continental market and it was lovely bit camt find it in the shops . thanks
written by Andrea, January 10, 2012
I eat the single serve brie with raspberries as my snack, it really hold me over until dinner! You can get them at Harris Teeter
written by abby, January 05, 2012
i love cheese
written by Trisha, November 06, 2011
You can buy single-serving packets of your Brie cheese at Pavilion. I got the one from pavilion in Laguna Beach.
written by Marlene Manown, October 17, 2011
A friend had single-serving packets of your Brie cheese on our backpacking trip this past weekend. Where can I buy them?
written by Cheryl McKay, October 13, 2011
Brie stuffed pork chops... Mmmmmm. I believe this is one of the best fall ideas I've ever heard. Warm, melty, yum. Can't you smell it?
written by TJ, October 06, 2011
I know it's selfish but sometimes I wonder if God made French Bries just for me? love love French cheeses!! Who's up for a tasting tour across France???
Imagine... a crusty baguette, room temperature brie... chilled grapes & a bottle of local wine...ahhhh heaven!!!
written by JOSE, August 13, 2011

written by Teri, April 13, 2011
Like many others on this comment board, I am wishing the the little round brie in the net bag were available. Costco had them last year and now nada. They were perfect for lunch at work. Please, please bring them back. Heck, I'll even pay retail for them :o)
written by Gloria Turner, January 05, 2011
I love Brie Cheese
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