Ile de France BrieRicher, Creamy flavor revealed

Fresh, natural ingredients and traditional cheese-making methods produce the rich, full flavor that's made Ile de France Brie famous.

Crafted in Normandy, France, Ile de France Brie is made of the fresh milk of grass fed cows and is rBST free. Ile de France Brie is named after the town of Brie - the French province where it originated - and the famous Ile de France ocean liner, which first delivered Brie to the United States in 1936.

La crème du jourFreshest, all-natural ingredients do matter
A well-kept secret!

We make our own cream from freshly collected milk and add it to cheese making the very same day. At its freshest, it delivers to the cheese an exceptionally rich creamy flavor.


We have a dedicated rBST-free milk supply that insure only the freshest milk is used to produce Ile de France Brie.

That is THE Ile de France Brie difference

Flavor profile

It all starts with a clean, fresh milky note. Then the deliciously creamy texture of our Brie takes over making the flavor bloom into rich, full mode to end with hazelnut and light mushroom aftertaste.


In 1936, Ile de France Brie was brought to the United States aboard the famed Ile de France ocean liner - the first refrigerated sea vessel. It was the first time Americans had access to the delicate French fromage. Ile de France takes its name from the famous ship and continues to supply authentic French Brie to American cheese lovers.
Read more about the story of the S.S. Ile de France

Serving tips

- Brie is most flavorful when served at room temperature. Remove Brie from the refrigerator about 45 minutes before serving.

- Traditionally, Brie is served with the rind intact, though many people prefer it with the rind removed.

- A wheel of Brie should be cut like a cake, with wedges cut in slices lengthwise.

- Dip your cheese knife in hot water, so the cheese won't stick to it.

Featured recipes & pairings

The number of ways to enjoy Brie is limited only by your imagination. Whether served on a hearty baguette with a glass of wine or inside an intricate entrée recipe - like our Brie Membrillo and Asian Pear Crostini or Brie Stuffed Pork Chops with Pomegranate Glaze - there's surely a Brie recipe for any meal or occasion.

Brie is a fantastic on its own, as a pairing and in recipes. Scroll through the pictures of some of our favorite recipes featuring Ile de France Brie to see the full range of its creamy, flavorful essence.

More About Brie

Explore the rest of our website for more ways to enjoy our authentic
French Brie Cheese, including:

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written by Paige, May 29, 2015
As others have asked.....where can I find the Brie bites?
I was purchasing them at bj's wholesale clubs in
Albany and Saratoga Springs New York -- my daughter LOVES
them and is so bummed I can't find them!!! Any grocery store chains
In the area? (Zip codes....12804, 12202, 12866)! Thank you!
written by s, May 15, 2015
can you eat this if you are allergic to penicillin?
written by Betty, May 04, 2015
None other than Ile de France Brie on crusty bread, Taza 60% chocolate, fresh oven baked strawberries with light touch of olive oil, then grilled in cast iron skillet as a grill cheese sandwich, Yum!
written by Betty, April 29, 2015
My husband and I got hooked on Brie Bites purchased at the BJ's Warehouse store in East Setauket, NY. Alas, we cannot find them anymore! Do any other shops in our area sell them? Thanks :-)
written by Leia, January 21, 2015
I was getting your Brie bites at my local Costco in Saint George Utah, but they no longer have them. Is there another place that sells them in my area? I absolutely love them and have gotten many friends addicted to them!
written by Gloria S., January 07, 2015
I'm looking for the individual brie bites in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Thank you. They are so good .
written by Emilie, October 22, 2014
Hi Deb,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

You should be able to find Ile de France products at your local Safeway store.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have anymore questions!

-Emilie, Ile de France Cheese Marketing Team
written by Deb K, October 13, 2014
I was buying these at Costco, and now they don't seem to have them. Anywhere else I can buy them in the Denver/Boulder Colorado area? They are wonderful!
written by Emilie, February 13, 2014
Hi Agata,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your question! The cows are grass fed and free range, weather conditions permitting. During the winter, they are fed the hay collected in the summer.

Feel free to reach out to us with any other questions!

-Emilie, Ile de France Cheese Marketing Team
written by agata, February 13, 2014
i was wondering if your cows are grass fed and/or free range? what are the conditions your cows live in?
written by Emilie, January 27, 2014
Hi Diane,

Thanks for reaching out to us with your question! Let us check and follow up on where to get those in the Chicago area- thanks!
written by Diane, January 19, 2014
Where can I buy the individual brie cheese in the 5ct.bag in Chicago area?
written by Simone, January 11, 2014
I splurged on this brie today. I never saw this brand before and the standard brand is not my fav. This is the creamiest, yummiest brie I think I ever tasted. I knew that the Made in France had its good points. I believe GMO is not allowed there. Better tasting milk for sure.
written by Emilie, Ile de France Marketing team, December 05, 2013
Hi Joanna,
Thanks for asking a great question! GMO is illegal in Europe so our products of France are made from animals that have not been fed GMO. However, a small portion of our products are manufactured in the states for west coast supply and we can't guarantee that those US-made products are 100% GMO free. Feel free to reach out at with any questions- thanks!
written by Joanna, December 05, 2013
Hi,I love your brie Cheese. I am looking for GMO free fed cows cheese. So I have been trying to find out what do your cows eat? Please let me know. Merci.
written by Emilie, Ile de France Marketing team, November 27, 2013
Hi Nada,

The enzymes that are used in our Brie cheese are microbiological- no animal enzymes. Thanks again! -Emilie, Ile de France Marketing team
written by Emilie, Ile de France Marketing team, November 27, 2013
Hi Nada, Thanks for reaching out! We'll confirm those exact enzymes and contact you with that information. Thanks for asking!
written by Nada, November 27, 2013
Does yr Brie contain animal rennet? (Listed as enzymes)
written by gay meyer, November 19, 2013
I love the brie bites. Was buying them at local Winn Dixie store but they seem to have stopped stocking them. Where else can I buy them in Slidell, Louisiana (near New Orleans)?
written by Maggie, November 11, 2013
I love the bag of mini brie and I get them at my local Winn Dixie
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