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How to: Tartiflette

Tartiflette is a modern French dish that's simple and sophisticated. An ideal winter comfort food, it features only a few ingredients. Each one has bold flavors. Together they create a medley of contrasting textures that's a truly gourmet experience.

So gather some fresh produce, Brie Cheese and a sharp knife – with our tartiflette guide that's all you need to assume the role of a true French chef!

This rustic dish features bacon, potatoes, onions and Ile de France Brie Cheese. That's it! Cream, salt and pepper can add a bit more flavor and texture, but the essence of the dish comes from the simple, delicate preparation of the main ingredients.

The Potatoes:
Parboil sliced potatoes, then place them in a preheated frying pan. Sear them for about five minutes.

The Bacon:
Chop bacon and sauté with its fat in a separate pan. The bacon fat will give the whole dish a delightfully smokey flavor.

The Onions:
Chop sweet onions into long, thin pieces. Fry on a hot preheated frying pan until caramelized, then combine with the bacon.

The Cheese:
Slice the Brie in quarter inch think pieces. Use the potatoes as a bottom layer, add the onions and then place the cheese on top. Bake in a preheated oven until the cheese melts.

The Options:
Not a bacon fan? Substitute smoked salmon, adding it toward the end of the dish's preparation. Ile de France Goat Cheese can be used instead of Brie for a tangy, refreshing twist. White wine and cream can be added to the bacon and onions if you want a thicker sauce, just be sure to let the wine reduce before adding cream.

On the Side:
Serve with crusty French baguette and a side salad for delicious, balanced meal.

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