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Holiday spotlight Toothpick appetizers with cheeses

Portable and scrumptious, toothpick appetizers with Ile de France cheese are perfect for holiday entertaining. Toothpicks make it easy to enjoy multiple ingredients at once, offering a fun single serve experience.

Simply Brie-lightful
Cubes of Ile de France Brie along with apple and walnuts offer a range of flavors and textures: crispy, sweet and juicy apple, crunchy, smooth nuts and creamy, salty Brie. Be sure to have the walnut in the middle so it's easier to get the combination to stay on the toothpicks. Need something simpler? Just present small cubes of Ile de France Brie on toothpicks alongside small bowls filled with honey and preserves for dipping.

Sausage, grapes & Etorki
Placing one piece of sausage, one red grape, one olive and one cube of cheese on a toothpick create a gourmet combination. The grapes and olives can be roasted or served raw. Grapes are often served with sausages, and adding a fine cheese to the mix greatly enhances the pairing. Etorki has a smooth texture and an aroma that's sweet and buttery, making it a great contrast to sweet grapes and full-bodied sausages. Any mild or spicy sausage will work - but use French andouille if you want authentic gourmet elegance.

Olives & Roquefort Cheese
Olives have a sharp taste that's delicious with our creamy Roquefort cheese. Cut the Roquefort into cubes while cool so they will easily stay on the toothpicks. Beef or tomatoes can be included as well. A crispy, fried version of these can be made too – simply slice the olives open, stuff them with creamy Roquefort, coat their exteriors with a beaten egg and dip them in panko bread crumbs. Fry until golden brown and voilà!

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