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Holiday Spoon Delights

Appetizers come alive when served in single portion spoons!

Spoons aren't just eating tools. They're delightful serving dishes for colorful individual servings of appetizers!

Serving spoons are great for giving your guests delicious cheese pairings and custom hors d'oeuvres. So move over, tapas - the exciting trend in appetizers is tasting spoons!

The bite-sized samplers are easy to make, allow effortless portion control and create striking presentations. You can use Chinese soupspoons, stainless steel appetizer spoons or any other large spoon with a flat bottom and deep bowl, which make convenient containers perfect for a mingling crowd

Appetizer spoon tips & recipes

- When entertaining, plan on 6 to 8 spoons per person.

- Try serving varied flavors on different spoons. Sweet and savory concoctions can be made, as well as vegetarian, meat, soup and even dessert spoons!

- Spoons are generally most delicious when kept relatively simple. Two or three main ingredients are enough.

- Ile de France Goat Cheese has a fresh tanginess that is a perfect complement to fruits like peaches and cranberries. Combine some goat cheese with chopped fruit and a layer of breadcrumbs for a great simple spoon.

-Our Brie Cheese is known for a creamy texture and delicious, subtle flavor. It's perfect for appetizer spoons because it pairs well with all sorts of easily accessible ingredients like honey, fruit and ham.

- The new Ile de France PDO Roquefort cheese has an intense, salty taste that comes alive even more when savored with something sweet. Try Roquefort on a spoon with strong honey and crushed nuts.

- St. Albray makes a fabulous dessert spoon. Add chocolate or strawberry sauce, some mixed berries and dark chocolate scrapings for a rich, creamy dessert delight.

Appetizer Spoon Recipes

Little Spoonfuls Of Pear Risotto And Ile De France Roquefort
A delicious bite sized combination of salty blue cheese and fresh, sweet pear flavor.

Goat Cheese and Quince Appetizer Spoons
Fresh thyme, slices of prosciutto and the fresh, salty taste of our grass fed goat's milk cheese.

Caprice Des Dieux* Mousse Spoons
Mild paprika, tomato paste and cream give this spoon a light and very lively flavor.

Caprice* Spoons
Caprice cheese with Alfalfa sprouts, endives and hazelnut oil.

* If these cheeses aren't available in your area, try making these recipes with ile de France Brie Cheese!

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