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Holiday Special: Easy Verrines

Of all the classic French appetizers, verrines are the best for holiday entertaining. Verrines' vibrant colors, rich flavors and fun serving style make it easy to turn them into cheerful holiday delights.

Served in small clear glasses, the single serve, layered treats have been popular in France for decades. Now they're becoming well-known – and chic - here, too. So if you're looking for a simple, stylish and unexpected appetizer this holiday season, look no further.

The best part? Making verrines is quick and easy. The key is layering contrasting flavors, colors and textures. A bit like a parfait, verrines feature a few different flavors layered in the glasses – perfect for guests to carry and casually eat with small spoons. Using Ile de France Cheeses is a simple way to make delicious flavor contrasts. Use the following tips and recipes and you'll be savoring a unique culinary concoction that looks as fantastic as it tastes!

Easy verrine essentials

Differentiate the Layers - Contrasting tastes, textures, and colors make verrines delicious.

Use Clear glasses - Verrines are best in tall, thin shot or lowball style glasses. Think of verrines as little "shots" of flavor!

Emphasize Simplicity and Freshness – While chefs may spend hours prepping layers and combination, it's best to keep verrines simple when serving them at home.

Keep them small – Authentic French verrines are usually less than 3 ounces.

Prepare in advance - Verrines can be made ahead of time and refrigerated - just remember to take them out about a half hour before serving to enhance the flavor of the cheese layers.

Easy verrine recipes

St. Agur and Beet Verrine
A classic– and colorful – salad of beets, blue cheese and walnuts is transformed into a festive verrine!

Camembert & Shrimp Verrine
A delicious combination of creamy Camembert and fresh shrimp with mango, coco milk and lime.

Goat Cheese & Tomatoe Verrine
Goat cheese, tomatoes, parsley and a dash of olive oil and lemon juice is all you'll need to get the verrine party started.

Green Gaspacho Verrine
Asparagus and leek combines with the Goat Cheese to create a truly zesty arrangement.

Etorki Spanish Verrine
Smooth and delicious, Etorki cheese tastes incredible with the garlic, smoked paprika, pequillo peppers and artichoke hearts in this colorful verrine.

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written by Renate Bousaada, December 23, 2012
Brie - my favorite cheese
written by pamela ortiz, December 23, 2012
Everyday is better with Cheese!!! Especially the Holidays!!!!
written by Renate Bousaada, December 22, 2012
I wish I would win sometimes. We just love your cheeses, particularly the Brie cheese.

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