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Holiday Party Starter - No-cook Cheese Appetizers

Who wants to spend the holiday season in the kitchen? With Ile de France Cheese, there's no need. Our cheeses create appetizer delights that don't require cooking - making it easy to enjoy the festivities without all the work!

Try one of our easy, no-cook holiday appetizer tips. You'll be out of the kitchen in no time, enjoying friends, family and flavor!

Goat Cheese with Honey & Almonds
A little Ile de France Chèvre adds a lot of flavor. Try serving our Goat Cheese with your favorite crackers, a honey topping, and a crunchy crushed almond garnish. With its classic salty and sweet combination, a honey and cheese pairing is one of the best ways to introduce your guests to fine cheese.

Goat Cheese & Chive-stuffed Peppadews
Peppadews are small peppers that pack a big dose of spicy flavor. The plump peppers are easily filled with the creamy freshness of Ile de France Goat Cheese. Try our new Chèvremousse whipped goat cheese – simply split the peppers down the middle and stuff the cheese inside!

Stuffed Tomatoes
Stuffed fresh vegetables are a great way to show off cheese in a fun way. Easy to eat and vibrantly colored, stuffed tomatoes are a perfect appetizer treat. St. Albray Cheese has a wonderful creamy texture that is enhanced with crisp, luscious tomatoes. Stuff your favorite tomatoes with cubed cheese, and add a bit of sweet corn along with a dash of parsley and mint for a zesty holiday appetizer.

Hummus, Fromage and French Baguette
Hummus has an easygoing flavor and a smooth texture. It tastes great with fresh vegetables, bread, and hard cheeses like Fol Epi and Etorki. As well as soft cheese like our famous Brie and Camembert. Grapes, berries and assorted sliced fresh fruit can be served on a platter along with hummus and cubed cheese for great cold appetizer spread.

Blue Cheese Tartines
Small open-faced sandwiches tartines offer all kinds of flavor in a simple package. For something wildly tasty, try St. Agur with bacon on toasted slices of French bread. Top with black pepper for even more flavor. For something lighter, serve St. Agur on baguette with sliced red grapes and crushed pistachios.

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written by Mini, March 12, 2014
Thanks for sharing wonderful n easy snack ideas.I will try all of them.

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