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Harvest the flavors of fall

Fresh, filling & flavorful, fall harvest salads make delicious & healthy light meals

Making fall salads is all about highlighting the seasonal flavors, textures and colors of fall. As the weather cools and the nights get longer, a hearty fall salad will really hit the spot.

Make sure to highlight fall vegetables and fruits like squash and apples. Fall is a great time to make use of locally grown tomatoes, too. Hearty textures, deep colors and robust, yet mellow flavors characterize many fall vegetables. All of which make them wonderful pairs for gourmet fromage!

Mushrooms, squash, beets, apples - and of course, pumpkins are just some of the most popular fall veggies. Try adding roasted pumpkin seeds to green salads and using chopped Mushrooms with grated cheese.

Hard and hard-pressed cheeses taste great in fall salads because of their hearty, smooth flavor. They can be grated or cut into small cubes and mixed together with a variety of salad concoctions. Try Etorki, Emmental or Fol Epi, which all taste great with fall vegetables.

Goat cheese goes well with green salads and can easily be crumbled on top of a finished salad to add fresh flavors. Its salty flavor profile and refreshing texture makes it an ideal addition to salads with bold-flavored ingredients like tomatoes, mushrooms and squash.


Cobb Salad with Ile de France Goat Cheese and Vinaigrette
This classic Cobb salad is a delicious addition to any fall menu. The salty and natural flavor of Ile de France Goat Cheese is on full display.

Chicken, Apples and Corn Salad with Saint Agur Cheese
Savor the taste of fresh local apples – one of the signature flavors of fall – in this satisfying salad.

Simple Chèvre chaud
A wonderful hot goat cheese salad is easy to make with this hot goat cheese recipe, which adds a warm, fresh and flavorful delight to any fall salad.

Crisp Fall Salad with Saint Agur Crostini
A great choice for blue cheese lovers, this lovely fall salad features walnuts, pears, tomatoes and endives.

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