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Grilling Season – Fire it up with Fromage!
Tip: The Boska Holland Barbeclette – a raclette grill specially designed for outdoor grilling – is a fun and easy way to add gourmet cheese to summer barbeque menus.
Add cheeses to the barbeclette and place it on a hot grill, then let them melt as other foods cook. The melted cheesy goodness is delicious and adds a fun new treat to any cookout menu.

Outdoor cooking is one of the best parts of summer and is even better with cheese

One of the hallmarks of summer is outdoor cooking. Relaxing and chatting with friends and family while enjoying nice weather and simple, flavorful food is perhaps the best summer pastime of all.

Grilling is also fun and peaceful because it moves food prep from inside in the kitchen to the great outdoors, making cooking more fun and cleanup easier, too.

The key to grilling is enjoying the time outside. Even the most seasoned grilling gurus know the main cookout attraction is the atmosphere and company. But flavor is important too - and grilling with French cheese is a délicieux way to add a simple gourmet flare to summer barbeques.

Sandwiches – Try our zesty buffalo chicken burger with Bleu d'Auvergne sauce, which makes a fantastic addition to a grilling menu that features hamburgers. Offering both a chicken and beef options is not only fantastic for those who prefer poultry, it offers the hungriest guests a fantastic double bill of grilled goodness since the bleu cheese chicken burger is a marvelous contrast to beef cheese burgers.

And speaking of beef cheeseburgers, how about our Double Brie Burger, which is a smooth, flavorful sandwich that will delight guests used to eating burgers with standard cheddar or American cheese. If something a bit more gourmet is called for, our exotic lamb burger with Herbed Brie fits the bill and provides a refined yet still easy to make option .

Grilled cheese sandwiches are a bit of an oxymoron in that that they are almost always made on a frying pan. So why not make an authentic grilled cheese next time you fire up the BBQ? Here's a unique and simple idea: A brie cheese and apple slice grilled cheese sandwich made with raison or cinnamon bread.

The raison bread, apples, and Brie makes a unique and delicious grilled cheese. The smooth, creamy texture of the brie is balanced out with the sweetness of the apple and bread.

Other ways to feature fromage at cookouts:

- Add some melted cheese on top of grilled vegetables and baked potatoes. Potatoes are delicious topped with a fine French blue cheese, like Roquefort. Brie makes an exciting replacement for butter on a baked potato. It's smooth texture works well as a flavorful substitute for butter.

- To make a simple appetizer, slice some baguette and add a bit of melted Raclettte or Morbier. The slices can be placed on a grill as it warms up and will make delightful cheese toasts.

- Etorki, a sheep's milk cheese, tastes great with pickles.

- Grilled tomatoes are enhanced with the fresh, salty tang of Ile de France Goat Cheese.

- Peppers and onions topped with a meltable cheese like Entremont Emmental make simple, colorful and delicious sides.

- Some cheeses, like Ile de France Goat Cheese, can be combined with bread crumbs and grilled directly on a heat source to create cheese patties that can be eaten stand alone or as toppings for potatoes, burgers and grilled meats.