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It’s easy being green and delicious

Green veggies come alive with gourmet cheese

When it comes to eating healthy, it helps to have a plan - not to mention an easy way to make your
veggies taste better.

After all, experts recommended that adults eat five servings of fruits and vegetables each day, with a special emphasis on green veggies. But it's not always easy getting your greens.

There are plenty of unhealthy temptations and sometimes vegetables just don't sound appetizing.

So try these flavorful tips and get some more fresh green vegetables into your diet!

Spinach and Etorki
Spinach is known for its unique texture and healthy attributes – but on its own isn't a treat. With cheese, however spinach is delicious. Virtually any fromage will pair well with the mild, smooth profile of spinach, so try your favorite cheese with spinach either cold or melted on a lean slice of bread. Etorki provides a nice complement to spinach because of it's smooth texture and hearty flavor profile, which matches the lightness of spinach very well.

Broccoli and Brie
Ile de France Brie cheese provides a smooth and creamy flavor that contrasts very nicely with many green vegetables. It also melts well and has a naturally oozy makeup – making it a perfect cheese to use to
spice up broccoli.

Beans and Goat Cheese
Goat cheese packs a fresh flavor that's naturally delicious with raw vegetables. While green beans are most often cooked or steamed, with goat cheese they are
very tasty raw.

Roquefort with green peppers
Green peppers are most often an ingredient in dishes ranging from salads to tacos – but they can also serve as a main meal item, especially when stuffed with a bit of blue cheese. The salty blue cheese flavor really stands out against the smooth, fresh taste of green peppers.

Extra tip: Pears aren't vegetables but they are green – and they're also excellent with any blue cheese because of the tremendous flavor contrast between the smooth sweetness of pear and the salty, complex profiles of gourmet blue cheeses like Roquefort.

Other ways to eat vegetables with cheese:

Dip: The right cheeses make dips into gourmet experiences. Try melting a pressed cooked fromage like Charles Arnaud Comté, Entremont Emmental or Fol Epi over store-bought dips or homemade dips. Then simply gather some French bread and a generous selection of fresh, green veggies and let the healthy snacking being! Dipping cold veggies into warm Brie is an even easier way to enjoy green veggies with cheese.

Salads: Check out our wealth of salad recipes, which all feature green vegetables and cheese. Try these particularly divine summer salad recipes:

French Green Bean & Shallot Salad with Roquefort Cheese

Green-on-greens salad with Emmental Cheese

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