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How to make gratin

Try these simple gratin tips and recipes!

Making gratin is a simple process with warm, flavorful rewards. There are a variety of gratin recipes to choose from and many can be made in just a few minutes.

Gratin is a classic French dish that's also a cooking technique. Any dish topped with a cooked, crispy crust made with cheeses, breadcrumbs, butter and other ingredients can be called a gratin – or be referred to in the French form: Au gratin.

To make a delicious gratin, make sure to:

- Use a shallow, preferably oval-shaped bowl or dedicated serving dish to make room for the ingredients to warm under the gratin's signature topping.

- Gratins should be baked or grilled under a broiler to form the signature golden-crusted top of gratins.

- The traditional way to serve gratin is in the dish it was created in, so make sure to have hot pads on hand or a special outer dish to place the warm gratin containers in.

A straightforward dish, gratin is warm, hearty and perfect for the cool fall and winters months. These gratin recipes are made with hearty ingredients like potatoes and flavorful additions like fine French cheeses.

Bon Appetit – Au Gratin!