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Grape Expectations - French Cheese and grapes are natural compliments
September 2009

Grapes may be the perfect snack food. High in anti-oxidants and vitamins and low in sodium and calories, they have a crisp, sweet and sometimes tart taste that naturally compliments the more complex tastes of gourmet French specialty cheese. A few delicious cheese-grape pairings include:

Black Corinth grapes with St. Agur
Black Corinth grapes are small, crunchy and without seeds. This grape is intensely sweet and boasts a bold, reddish black hue. It pairs well with St. Agur cheese: the grapes' sweetness cuts through the buttery cream of the cheese. The unusual size and deep color of the grape makes for a striking visual contrast to gourmet cheese as well.

Grape fact: Due in part to their unique, luscious appearance, Black corinth grapes often are marketed as the champagne grape - though they are not used to make champagne.

Concord grapes with Ile de France Goat
Concord grapes acidic and fruity flavor makes a great compliment to our award-winning Goat Cheese.* The richness of the goat cheese provides ideal contrast to the concords' palette cleansing fresh flavor. Deep blue or purple in color, Concord grapes are sweet and crunchy

Grape fact: Concord grapes are commonly used to make grape jelly, soda and candy.

Thompson seedless grapes with Ile de France Camembert

The most common green grape, Thompson seedless grapes are available at any grocer. They are oval-shaped and provide a mild burst of sweet-to-slightly tart flavor. The sweetness cuts through the cream of our Ile de France Camembert to make every bite of the combination a culinary delight.

Grape fact: Almost all raisins produced in California are made with Thompson seedless grapes.

Perlette grapes with Ile de France Brie
Creamy and refined, our Brie cheese goes well with the fresh, juicy and slightly tart flavor of the perlette grape. These grapes are green, with hints of whitish gold and are known for their near-translucent appearance. Their hint of white coloring, which can look like frost, is called bloom and is a protective coating produced by the plant. These grapes are nearly round and are used in dessert recipes and often served frozen for a refreshing summer treat

Grape fact: Perlette means "little pearl" in French.

While these grape and cheese pairings are some of our favorites, many more varieties of grapes and our French Cheeses can be paired to excellent results. As a casual snack or presented on a gourmet cheese platter, grapes and cheese are one of the most harmonious snack combinations you’ll encounter.