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Gourmet in a flash

No time for homemade? No problem, add French cheese & invigorate ready-made soups!

While this month's featured soup recipes are delicious, sometimes time isn't on your side when you want a warm, creamy bowl of soup with cheese. Luckily, premade soups can become luxurious comforts with the addition of authentic gourmet cheeses.

In general, "clear," broth-based soups are best with firm cheeses, which add great flavor but won't muddle the broth. Try grating hard cheese like Comté and Fol Epi. Cream-based soups become even more flavorful when creamy cheeses like Ile de France Brie and Camembert are added. These smooth cheeses combine seamlessly into creamy soups to create a uniform taste and delightfully milky finish.

Try these combinations to make store-bought or premade soups a fresh-tasting delight!

Tortilla Soup with Comté
Comté is smooth with nutty notes and adds a fantastic flavor that stands up to this spicy, satisfying soup. To make it heartier, add a cut up chicken breast. For spicier taste, add a dash of hot sauce.

Chicken Noodle Soup with Camembert
Our creamy, full-flavored Camembert is a nice match for the mild flavor of this classic soup, and adds natural nut and mushroom flavors to the chicken broth.

Tomato Soup with Roquefort
Tomato soup is soothing and simple. Adding crumbled Ile de France IPO Roquefort makes it incredibly flavorful and just as easy to prepare. Try dipping French Baguette into this mixture for a delightfully simple lunch.

Mushroom with St. Agur
Cream of Mushroom soup has a serene flavor that adapts well to many additions. Melted St. Agur is creamy and intensely flavored, creating a unique taste when combined with the soft mushroom flavors of the soup.

Split Pea Soup with Fol Epi
This smooth pea based soup gets much of its flavor from the chunks of ham, which make a fantastic pair for a smooth, hard cheese like Fol Epi. Adding just a bit of this smooth, hard cheese will take this soup from mild to wildly flavorful.

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