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Gourmet cheese desserts, cheesecake recipes and more!

Just as French cheese makes a delicious and refined appetizer, it also can make a luxurious dessert that can be the perfect ending to a meal. Chocolates, fruits and more can be combined with cheeses to create an unforgettably sweet and savory dessert delight! Check out our simple dessert recipes below for options!

A gourmet dessert is an excellent way to add some flare to a dinner party – and from gourmet cheesecakes to elegant cheese and chocolate dishes, we've got your gourmet cheese dessert recipe needs covered!

Chocolate-Glazed St. André

Serve this extravagant (yet oh-so-easy) dessert as the perfect ending to a special dinner party...with, of course, a bottle of Champagne! You won't find an easier to prepare gourmet dessert than this. The smooth, buttery texture of St. Andre combines with the richness of chocolate to create a gourmet sweet treat you and your guests won't soon forget!

Ile de France Goat and Cream Cheesecake

Our goat cheese cream cheesecake recipe is a luxuriously gourmet version of a classic dessert item. Surprise your guest with a tangy, rich goat cheese based cake that has a lush texture and strikingly rich flavor. Our cheese cake recipe is easy to make and looks fantastic with a garnish of blueberries or strawberries, as well as on its own.


Apple Tart with Pié d'Angloys

Our pie tart recipe combines the delicious textures and flavors of gourmet cheese, fresh apples and puff pastry. The effect is a dessert that's not too rich but instead smooth, creamy yet refined and elegant. Apple tarts are a traditional hit at holiday parties, so add a little extra kick this year with our delicious apple and cheese pastry recipe!