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Gourmet Snack Planning

It's easy to plan delicious, healthy snacks with just a bit of cheese

Creating a snack plan can be a great way to avoid unhealthy eating as well as maintain energy throughout the day.

For adults, snacks at the office can help tide you over until diner, while after-school snacks for children and teens fuel growth and boost energy and general nutritional health, according the Mayo Clinic's website.

Of course, many common snacks do more harm than good. Many popular chips, crackers and processed foods are high in sodium, sugar and other unhealthy additives.

Tips for healthy snack planning with cheese

- Simple cheese and fruit pairings, like strawberries and apples slices with Ile de France Goat Cheese, offer a delicious blend of natural fruit sweetness and energy boosting protein. Fresh olives, roasted peppers and tomatoes are delicious with Goat Cheese, as well.

- Pack some raw vegetables like broccoli and carrots in sandwich bags to snack on and bring along cubed hard cheese - like Fol Epi - for an unbeatable snack.

- Assorted nuts like cashews, almonds and pistachios are a satisfying snack because of their hearty texture and smooth flavor. Snacking on them along with a bit of cheese makes for a delicious afternoon delight! Try snacking on nuts along with our full-flavored, rustic Camembert Cheese, which provides a great flavor contrast with mild flavored nuts like almonds.

- Craving a sweet treat? Try combining mixed nuts with cheese, berries and a bit of dark chocolate. Ile de France Brie on a sliced apple with drizzled lavender honey and pistachios is a delicious and healthy option as well.

- Our Mini Cheese Bites - available for Ile de France Brie, Entremont Comté, Emmental and Il Villaggio PDO Parmigiano Reggiano - are easy to take on the go. Each individual serving sized package contains just the right amount of cheesy goodness to savor with low fat foods like nuts, fruit and whole grain crackers.

- Need a heartier snack? Try a sliced baguette with dashes of cheese, meat and tomato or onion slices. If you prefer onions, try a blue cheese like our new Roquefort. If tomatoes are your choice, go with a mild soft cheese like our creamy Brie or a hard cheese like Etorki or Fol Epi.

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written by Mary Garrison , June 14, 2016
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