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Macaroni & Cheese with Gourmet Cheeses - Recipes & Tips

Macaroni and cheese one of the most common and popular dishes in the U.S. From toddlers to seniors everyone loves a Mac and cheese snack!

Some times, though, a standard macaroni and cheese recipe can be a bit bland, and using gourmet cheeses to spice up this classic dish is a great way to add new flavors to everyday eating.

Try our gourmet macaroni and cheese recipes. You'll find an array of different recipes that feature French fromage from goat cheese to Brie

3 Quick Tips for Macaroni and Cheese

Add the cheese slowly and make sure each handful melts fully before adding more to the mix. This prevents the sauce from becoming lumpy.

Make your pasta of choice without using excess water. When the pasta is added to the sauce along with a bit of the water from the boiling process, it makes a more consistent texture.

Any macaroni and cheese recipe can be customized to taste. For example, if you have some leftover baked chicken, simply heat it up and add it in to any prepared recipe to create an even heartier dish.

Macaroni with Cinq Fromages by Shauna

A simple, streamlined preparation (no bechamel required!) and sophisticated flavor profile make this updated classic perfect for entertaining. Bake the casserole in individual ramekins to bring even more panache to the party.