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Gourmet Grits
The southern staple becomes a gourmet treat when made with fromage.

Grits - porridge made from ground corn – is a versatile dish with a customizable flavor that's only limited by one's culinary imagination.

Originally a Native American concoction, grits have long been ubiquitous in the American south. From West Virginia to Mississippi, grits are served at breakfast, lunch or dinner but are most commonly thought of as a morning dish.

When served with other foods – sausage, bacon, fish, vegetables, you name it – grits can easily become a full meal. And a gourmet one at that!

One of the best ways to customize grits into a flavorful food is with fine cheeses. When cheese is added to grits, a smooth, flavorful and fun meal is born!

Ready-to-make grits are widely available and are simple to make. Cooked grits can easily be mixed with any meltable fromage, such as Fol Epi, Comté or other cheeses in the pressed and pressed cooked families.

When you've picked out a box of grits, simply boil them into a creamy porridge by waiting for enough water to evaporate the mixture into a semi-solid. Add butter, cream or milk and a pinch of salt and pepper to make the mixture more smooth and flavorful.

As the mixture nears completion, add shredded or grated cheeses of your choice. How much cheese, as well as the mixture, depends on how rich and creamy you want the grits to be. Stir the grits and cheese into a smooth, cheesy texture.

We suggest mixing two main fromages together, such as Fol Epi and Morbier, then adding a small amount of a blue cheese such as St. Agur to create a uniquely delicious mixture.

Baked grits recipes offer a heartier version of the dish and are also easy to make.

Adding a mixture of eggs, cream and spices to the grits – and then baking the mixture in a cake pan - creates or satisfyingly creamy mixture with a crispy outer texture. Try our Chaumes Baked Grits recipe for a fabulous example of this style.

Morning Delight:

For a flavorful, hearty and no fuss breakfast, simply whip up some Cheese grits and serve them with chopped cooked sausage, sliced tomatoes and green peppers.

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