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Grilling Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to Perfection

A grilled cheese sandwich is a true classic. As the crispy outer texture is replaced with the warm ooze of the cheese, each bite will feel delicious and satisfying.

The ultimate comfort food, grilled cheese sandwiches can easily be paired with a simple bowl of tomato soup to create a delicious, hearty and wholesome meal in minutes!

Of course, not all grilled cheese sandwiches are created equal. Making a grilled cheese sandwich with gourmet cheeses is a simple way to add delicious flavor and texture to this classic meal. Try these tips to learn how to make the best grilled cheese sandwiches you've ever had!

Grilled cheese sandwich making tips

Bread – Hearty, fresh sourdough bread adds flavor and texture to grilled cheese sandwiches. French bread is also a great choice. Generally, heavy breads are best for grilled cheese, but any sliced bread type will be perfectly fine, as long as it's not too flimsy for the frying pan!

Cheese – It is often best to not slice the cheese, especially when using gourmet fromage. Grated cheese melts faster, making it less likely that the bread gets overdone. Using 2-4 cheeses rather than one really maximizes the flavor of a grilled cheese sandwich. A small amount of each is best. Any cheese that melts goes well in a grilled cheese recipe – Ile de France recommends cheeses from the pressed and pressed cooked styles like Fol Epi, Emmental and Comté.

Butter – Applying a thin layer of butter (or olive or vegetable oil) to the outside of the bread before the sandwich hits the grill is crucial for creating the crunchy exterior texture grilled cheese sandwiches are known and loved for. Salted butter adds more robust flavor to the outside of the bread.

Grilled Cheese Pan - Always use a nonstick skillet fry pan – the sandwiches won't stick, especially after the butter or oil is applied. Be sure to use a frying pan that's the correct size for the number of sandwiches you plan to make at the same time.

Additional ingredients – Grilled cheese sandwiches are versatile and can include as many or as few ingredients as you want. Ham, tomatoes, eggs, onions, peppers and more can easily be added into the grilled cheese. Try heating up the ham and tomatoes on a skillet before putting them into the sandwich and grilling everything together to create warm and gooey goodness!

Other Grilled cheese sandwich making tips

· Put pan on stove over medium heat until hot. During heating, begin slicing cheese and getting bread.

· It is best to cover the sandwich when cooking on the first side, in order to melt the cheese sufficiently.

· Know that the second side should brown faster so be prepared to check it sooner than the other side.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes