with Walnut

Gourmandise, this soft, buttery textured French cheese, offers a very distinctive taste experience. It is exceptional in combining a delicate and smooth cheese paste with crunchy walnuts. Those who have tried it can't seem to get enough of it. Gourmandise is especially popular around the holidays, as it makes a unique party spread.


Ile de France Cheese Made from cow's milk, this spreadable processed cheese is a unique blend of aged cheeses (Gruyere and Cheddar), and cream, with a hint of added flavors. It is flavored with walnut and is excellent with pears and other winter fruits, or even accompanied by blue cheeses. Gourmandise is most commonly served as dessert cheese; a true delicacy especially when served with dessert wines like Sherry or Port or well chilled champagne.


Gourmandise: (noun) unrestrained enjoyment of fine foods, wines, and the like. The name Gourmandise is derived from French word "gourmet". It implies a satisfaction that is felt when savoring the taste of richly flavored delicacies. This exquisite cheese is appropriately named in account of its savory quality.


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written by daniel perrier, September 21, 2009
My local market stopped carrying our favorite cheese-Gourmandise , Kirsch flavored. Where can I buy this cheese in the Santa Cruz, Aptos, or Capitola area of California. Our zip code is 95010. Please advise ASAP....Daniel Perrier
written by Megan, September 09, 2009

Are there any locations in the San Diego area that sell the Kirsch Gourmandise? I found one that has the Walnut flavor, but not the cherry flavor. Thanks!

written by Anh-Duy Nguyen, September 02, 2009
Hello Ile de France,

Would you please let me know where I can purchase Rambol Gormandise (Kirsch) in San Jose or the Bay Area.

written by Ile de France Marketing Team, September 01, 2009
Hi All,

Just want to let everyone know that we're answering these emails personally and getting these questions answered. So if you have any questions, don't hesitate to write us!

Ile de France Marketing Team
written by Alex, August 28, 2009
Dear Ile de France,

Would you please let me know where I can ourchase Rambol Gormandise in San Francisco or the Bay Area.


written by Treasia, July 06, 2009
Can't find my favorite Cheese Gourmandise -cherrie flavored in Fargo ND.
written by Steve Parsons, June 21, 2009
Does anyone know where to fine kirsh flavored gourmandaise in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area? It appears to have fallen out of favor with the cheese-mongers, which is tragic because there is no finer combination than kirsh gourmandaise spread on Carr's wheat crackers, accompanied by fresh cherries and a beautiful cabernet sauvignon.
written by JUene Merrille Vardon, June 16, 2009
Where can I get Cherry flavour Gourmndise in Australia. especially in Tasmania where I reside. I can reach Melbourne for shopping with no trouble...thank you
written by Kim , June 14, 2009
You may purchase Gormandise Walnut or Kirsch at "The Fresh Market". There are 3 stores in the Chicago area.
written by Jane Archer, May 29, 2009
Dear Ile de France,

What has happened that I can't get your Gourmandise walnut cheese in Chicago. I have the people at the cheese dept at Whole Foods telling me that it is not allowed in the US anymore??? What is that about. If you could please tell me how to get it in Chicago, I would go there to purchase some. It is one of our favorites.

Thanki you.
Jane Archer
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