with Walnut

Gourmandise, this soft, buttery textured French cheese, offers a very distinctive taste experience. It is exceptional in combining a delicate and smooth cheese paste with crunchy walnuts. Those who have tried it can't seem to get enough of it. Gourmandise is especially popular around the holidays, as it makes a unique party spread.


Ile de France Cheese Made from cow's milk, this spreadable processed cheese is a unique blend of aged cheeses (Gruyere and Cheddar), and cream, with a hint of added flavors. It is flavored with walnut and is excellent with pears and other winter fruits, or even accompanied by blue cheeses. Gourmandise is most commonly served as dessert cheese; a true delicacy especially when served with dessert wines like Sherry or Port or well chilled champagne.


Gourmandise: (noun) unrestrained enjoyment of fine foods, wines, and the like. The name Gourmandise is derived from French word "gourmet". It implies a satisfaction that is felt when savoring the taste of richly flavored delicacies. This exquisite cheese is appropriately named in account of its savory quality.


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written by Laura Gibbons, November 01, 2017
So glad to see so many people love this cheese and so sad there is such a demand and no one will fill it!
written by Ann Strother, October 21, 2017
Cannot find this cheese anywhere now. My Publix used to carry but they say cannot get anymore. Anywhere in Atlanta area still carry ?
written by sarita, July 22, 2017
A french customer in our local cheese store (the owner had never heard of Gourmandise!) told me the Acme supermarket had a worthy equivalent called "Laughing Cow Creamy Asiago". Add your own walnuts! It's very good.
written by Eileen, July 22, 2017
I'd also like to find it in the DC area. Why all the mystery?
written by MARTY SUSMAN, July 20, 2017
I love this cheese BUT the CHERRY
written by Bob, April 07, 2017
We have it at Wild By Nature in Hampton Bays, NY
written by JudyHP, December 12, 2016
Trying to find this cheese in the Boston area. I have checked Whole Foods, Roche Bros, Star Market, all with no luck. Has anybody seen it anywhere? I am interested in the walnut one.
written by Kimberly Varner, December 08, 2016
This is my favorite cheese of all time and I can no longer find it anywhere! Does anyone know why? Anyone know where I can find it?
written by Carla, October 15, 2016
We just sampled some this evening at our local Fresh Market in Ft Wayne, IN. Ended up buying a wedge. YUM !!
written by Larry Camilli, September 07, 2016
So, what's the secret? Lots of people are having trouble finding this stuff, but the people who know won't post a reply? -Only personal replies?
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