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Gougeres – Miniture Cheese Puffs, Over-sized Flavor

Gougères are light and lively French cheese puffs that make hors d'oeuvre and snack time no fuss delights.

Traditionally served with Burgundy wine, these flavorfully flaky puffs taste great as a more casual treat, too. They're a fun way to add new flavors and textures to any foodie fun! After all, who can resist a crisp cheese puff stuffed to the brim with creamy warm fromage?

Learn to prepare these classic puff pastries with our exclusive Gougères recipes below! Explore the flavor subtleties of the full range of French cheeses and see how the unique textures of Gougeres enhances ecach bite. Harder cheeses like Etorki and Comte are traditionally used, gourmet cheese puffs are a real treat when made with Brie and Goat cheeses, too. For something with an intense flavor, try making a blue cheese puff with our smooth and creamy French Roquefort. Whatever cheeses you choose, get ready to taste the Gougères goodness!

Super Cheesy Brie Gougeres
Mustard and cayenne pepper bring the zest to this simple Brie cheese puff delight.

Goat Cheese & Chive Gougeres
A classic flavor profile gets a whole new spin in goat cheese puffs.

Roquefort & Garlic Gougere Recipe
Epic flavors are in full supply here, with the garlic providing a subtle flavor to complement the bold blue flavors.

Classic Comte Gougeres recipe
Thyme and black pepper take this fresh-tasting cheese puff to a bon vivant level.

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written by jadorelyon, June 14, 2015
very tasty indeed! I am discovering French cuisine here at Lyon which is the Capital of Gastronomy...i started out and completed a Mini Lyonnais Cookbook with the top recipes: Happy Eating!
written by RUTH MONCADA, June 15, 2014
site looks fabulous!

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