The Secret Behind All Natural Ile de France Chèvre

Ile de France Goat CheeseNaturally Exceptional

Our Goat Cheese is a traditional fresh Chèvre from the Poitou Charente region. Enjoy our goat cheese in a variety of sizes and flavors like Plain, Garlic & Herb, 4 Peppers and Honey.

Flavor profile

Ile de France Goat cheese is slightly salty, a bit tangy and above all - fresh tasting, with a rich texture.

Suggestions & serving tips

- When chilled, Ile de France Goat Cheese crumbles beautifully onto salads, and tastes great with crunchy greens, mixed vegetables and sweet, citrus fruits like berries.

- Unless using in a salad, always remove Goat Cheese from the refrigerator about 30 minutes before serving – it will soften enough to be spreadable and is fantastic on hearty breads like French baguettes.

Featured recipes & pairings

Ile de France goat cheese is tangy and complements full, fruit-flavored white wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. For red wine and goat cheese pairings, try a zesty Pinot Noir or Beaujolais Nouveau, which both balance goat cheese's salty profile. For more fantastic pairings, check out our top five goat cheese pairings page.

As for recipes, the fresh and smooth tanginess of Ile de France Goat Cheese adds fantastic flavors to many common dishes – and creates delectable combinations with many ingredients. From simple cobb salads to pumpkin soup to fettuccine pasta with salmon, goat cheese is a tasty part of all types of recipes. Scroll through the recipes to see new and delicious ways to enjoy goat cheese.

Simple Chèvre chaud

Serve this simple, hot goat cheese for a delicious snack or addition to salads.

- Slice a French baguette and a log of lle de France Goat Cheese into matching sizes.

- Place each slice of cheese on a slice of baguette.

- Season with black or espelette pepper and a bit of olive oil.

- Place in an oven and broil at 350 degrees until cheese softens and begins to brown
  along the edges – about 5 to 10 minutes.

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written by Bob h, December 29, 2016
I see your brie uses vegetarian rennet. How about your chevre? Does it use vegetarian rennet too?
written by tc, October 24, 2016
This is excellent goat cheese, far and away my favorite brand. It seems much less processed and much better tasting than all of the other brands I've tried so far.
written by Lola, November 07, 2015
Goat cheese is not only tasty, it is very healthy and nutritious. Moreover, you can add it to almost any meal! (salads, soups, pasta, souses etc.)
Food of gods I would say! recipes expert.
written by Chris Bembry, May 07, 2014
we live in south Florida we buy this product from publix. I wanted to let you guys know we been buying the 10.5 oz fresh goat cheese and it is always bad way before the date 10 to 15 days before. Publix stores this for sale in open re fridge type deal near deli . I wonder if it does keep it cold enough. anyway love the product. sell by date consistently off by 10 to 15 days. ok you have the info
written by Emilie , April 14, 2014
Dear Tanya,

We're so glad you like our cheese! We don't currently ship to Canada at this time, but thanks for reaching out to us!
-Emilie, Ile de France Cheese Marketing Team
written by Tanya, April 12, 2014
Hello, I live n Canada. Can I order your products online? Thank you :)
written by Julie, April 10, 2014
I'm looking for information about your Honey infused Chèvre. Specifically, rennet type, age. Is it pasteurized and Gluten Free?
Thank you
written by Emilie, Ile de France Marketing team, December 23, 2013
Hi Alice! Thank you for reaching out about this delicious recipe! We'll find these and we'll be happy to share with you! -Emilie
written by Alice Sherman, December 21, 2013
Six years ago I got a little booklet at the grocery store entitled Monsieur Formage Recipe Corner, Holiday Classics with Gourmet Esprit. I served two, the Southern-Style Souffle of Sweet Potatoes & Chevre and the Creamy Pumpkin Dream Pie, and every crumb was gone! I post on a message board and am telling about these divine recipes. The Pie recipe can be found online, but not the sweet potato recipe. Is there anyway you can include this phenomenal recipe online so that my friends can find it? Thank you.
written by David Harte, August 18, 2013
Love your goat cheese
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