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Goat Cheese Pizza: Flavor by the slice

Fresh & Flavorful Ile de France Goat Cheese is a Perfect Pizza Topping!

Making homemade pizzas with goat cheese adds a refreshing twist to traditional pizza flavors and gives the universally loved dish a zesty taste that's sure to please.

Our Goat Cheese's naturally fresh taste and effortless melting provides invigorating flavors that turn standard pizzas into gourmet treats. Try serving one of our original goat cheese pizza recipes while watching football this fall, or make one for a surprisingly scrumptious weekday dinner.

These easy-to-make goat cheese pizza recipes feature salty, savory and sweet combinations along with the lush, hearty flavor of marinara sauce.

Goat Cheese And Ham Pizza
Ile de France Goat Cheese compliments tomato sauce wonderfully in this basic goat cheese pizza recipe. Ham offers a hearty addition. Sweet toppings like honey, figs or apricots can be added for delectable salty and sweet contrasts.

Goat Cheese And Bacon Pizza
For a truly flavorful pizza, try this recipe and prepare to be wowed by the intricate salty falvors of the bacon and goat cheese coming together. Serve it with a simple green salad to round out the flavor experience.

Tomato Pizza With Pineapple and Goat Cheese
Refreshing and tangy, this pizza offers a wealth of contrasting flavors that all add up to a robustly flavored and satisfying meal. The pineapple adds a festive flavor that goes wonderfully with the Chèvre.

Goat Cheese Pizza With Honey
Showcasing the flavor harmony of salty and sweet flavors is easy in this recipe. Honey adds a sweet flavor that is enhanced by the fresh salty nature of the fromage. Bell pepper and chicken complete the mix.

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