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French Cuisine Spotlight: Baguette with cheese

Baguette is a staple of French cuisine - enjoyed with nearly every dish and savored at all meals and occasions. In bakeries across France it is made fresh daily.

A long, narrow loaf of French bread made with lean dough, baguette features a soft interior and crisp crust. The bread is hearty and light at the same time.

With just a bit of fromage, French baguette really comes alive with flavor. It's no wonder that simple snacks like Brie spread on sliced baguette are a staple of daily diets all over France.

Baguette is a fantastic canvas to explore the intricacies of French fromages. Blue cheese like Roquefort, hard cheese like Etorki and soft cheeses from Ile de France Camembert and Brie to Goat Cheese all taste fantastic when spread on baguette.

Baguettes can easily be made at home, or purchased from grocery stores and bakeries. Enjoy them simply with cheese on top or make some of the fantastic and simple baguette recipes below.

More about baguette:
- The slits across the top of each loaf serve an important purpose: they allow gases in the dough to expand, helping create the soft interior and crisp crust the bread is known for.

- Loaves of baguette are always long and skinny, but just how long and skinny often depends on where it's made. The difference regions of France have their very own styles of baguette.

Recipes featuring French Baguette and cheese:

Baquette and Roquefort Canapés

Brie Membrillo and Asian Pear Crostini

Cheese Fondue Savoyarde

Caprese Bruschetta

Bistro Brie Bruschettas

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