Fol Epi

Fol Epi® is a cow's milk cheese produced in the Loire Valley of France. It is very protein-rich, making it a perfect choice for the health-conscious gourmet cheese lover. The words "Fol Epi" mean "wild wheat stalk" in French – a fitting name for this smooth cheese enrobed in a golden-brown rind. The name is reminiscent of its unique loaf shape and its distinctive rind design with embossed decoration. Fol Epi has a nutty taste, similar to a fine Emmental. It is an excellent cheese for snacking or for serving with hearty breads, fruits, or in salads. Ideal for snacks, it's also available in convenient slice packaging for your gourmet sandwiches.


Fol Epi Cheese Fol Epi is produced in Pays de Loire, a region of France widely known for its dairy production. Its unique recipe is inspired by Emmental cheese. The cheese is aged up to three months to achieve its distinctive taste. Compared to a Swiss-style cheese, Fol Epi is sweeter and less bitter or rustic, making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive palates. It is more delicate in flavor, but still has the traditional holes of a Swiss cheese, and is assertive enough to not be overpowered by other ingredients. Fol Epi has a somewhat sweet nutty and fruity flavor. Enjoy Fol Epi as an appetizer…serve it in cubes with cherry tomatoes or in other salads…slice it on your sandwich…or just nibble on it! Melting Fol Epi on a gratin will enhance its nutty taste. Fol Epi goes well with Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir wines.


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written by stephanie, December 05, 2017
I am crazy about this cheese and can't find it anywhere any more in Milwaukee (or surrounding area). I would order on line if I could find a place to do so at a reasonable amount and price. If you can buy this cheese where you are and haven't do give it a shot.
written by Cesar de los Rios, July 23, 2017
Where in Miami, Florida I can buy fol epi cheese?
written by Linda, September 15, 2014
I adore this cheese and buy it in Manhattan, NYC, NY at Agatha and Valentina around 10th Street and University Place, but it's very expensive there but I'm looking for a cheaper source. Any suggestions? I'd even buy a whole wheel on line if I could
written by Nicole, August 03, 2013
This cheese can be found in Fry's Food Stores in Arizona. Their store that carrry more upscale cheeses should have it. If not just talk to their cheese steward and they can order it in. Very good stuff!
written by Vic, July 10, 2013
I lived in the Orlando area, where I can find this Fol Epi cheese?
written by Cheese freak, May 25, 2012
Coming to trader joes, west coast for month of june
written by Lallie, February 24, 2012
I just bought some at our Kroger here in Columbus, OH. Very good cheese!
written by Rhonda, February 23, 2011
To Jennifer in Delaware. I don't know where in Delaware you happen to live, but we have a house in Fenwick Island. This past weekend when we were there, I purchased some Fol Epi at the Harris Teeter Bayside, F.I. Not sure if they carry the cheese all of the time but they did have a good amount. It was on sale, as well,for $8.99/lb. with a regular price of $18.99...quite a sale and really good cheese. Hope this may be of some help to you as other Harris Teeter's may also sell the cheese.
written by Jennifer, February 02, 2011
Fol Epi is my FAVORITE cheese!!! LOVE IT!! But I can't find it in the stores here in Delaware. Do you sell this cheese online? Please let me know. I really would like to order it since I can't find it here.
written by Corey, December 29, 2010
Kashkaval carries "Fol Epi"; we're located in New York, NY, USA (at 856 9th Avenue).
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